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Welcome to my video game page. This page will include cheat codes, reviews, release lists, links, and personal favorites. PLEASE sign my guestbook, by clicking "sign guestbook" underneath "Latest Updates". Also, please vote in my poll section. It is underneath the Guestbook. The poll will change every other update.

this is a pushbutton this is a pushbutton UPDATED ON April 23rd, 2004

Today's Updates include:
PS2: 1. Greatest Hits page has been updated!!
2. Top Ten has been updated!!
GameCube: 1. Player's Choice page is up!!
2. A Review of Timesplitters 2 is up!!
3. Top Ten has been updated!!
Genesis: 1. Codes for Space Harrier II are up!!
2. Top Ten has been updated!!
GBA: 1. A Review of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is up!!
2. Top ten has been updated!!
SNES: 1. Codes for Maximum Carnage are up!!
2. Top Ten has been updated!!
PC: 1. Codes for Panzer Dragoon are up!!
2. Codes for Who Wants to be a Millionaire are up!!
N64: 1. Codes for Jet Force Gemini are up!!
2. Top Ten has been updated!!
A new poll is up, scroll down to vote.
COMING SOON!!! Miscellaneous section, which will include a site FAQ and other special features.

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