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A Day in the Life of Larry
Volume 1: you can call me Larry
Chapter 1: First Day Jitters (7/18/02)

Larry starts his first day of work w/ an interview w/ another company-- now there's loyalty!  First day of work begins and it's simple as hell.  The day ends and Larry attempts to call a woman from different company but she is unavailable...maybe b/c she's the CEO.  Why is Larry interviewing with a CEO?  Time will tell folks, but things could get interesting in the near future for our dear friend Larry.
Chapter 2: Biology pays Off (7/19/02)

No word from Pfizer yet...booo

CEO of company called and said executive meeting determined a search freeze was in place over the position Larry apparently for some unknown reason is eligible for.

At work, Larry stuns class w/ his extensive knowledge of pain transmission in the body (thank you tbox experience) and wows the class by giving a stellar performance and trains THEM on the biology specifics.  Upon doing so, Larry earns the new nickname, "Doc", amongst his co-workers.  After presentation, Larry is taken aside and told about an opportunity as Sales Trainer in the upcoming future...remember this is Day 2.

Chapter 4: Don't let Larry out of your Sight  (7/25/02)

So Larry wakes up at 5am to go to the pharmaceutical company for which he's selling products.  He gets there, is trained by a REAL pharmaceutical sales rep. whom he talks to after the meeting.  Larry discovers the rep. was a bio major, chem minor in college just like Larry and with the help of his good friend, Jerry, convinces the sales rep. he should hire Larry.  So Larry winds up being the only person amongst the group to score contact info from the rep and within a week's time manages to network for a better job.  On the way home from Morristown, NJ, the bus breaks down and Larry's group incurs a 40-minute wait and no overtime, which pisses Larry off.

What an outstanding duo Larry and Jerry are making.  It's too bad they'll have to soon part.
Chapter 5: Go Larry Go! (7/26/02)

Larry wows the class again, this time with his ability to bullshit with doctors and their staff.  He vows to make well above his quota everyday and use the rest of the day to crank call docs and record the calls so his employers and co-workers can hear him act like a complete jackass.  So he spends 3 hours of the work day sending emails to ANOTHER company's executive who meets him later in the day at a coffee shop to discuss Larry's future as a company executive assistant or sales rep. in Philly, New York City, or Jersey (high-profile areas.)  Larry's prediction: by October he'll be on his way to living large.  Time will tell folks

Jerry tells Larry in confidence that he will work for one week and then tell boss to go f*@ck herself so he will at that point hook Larry up w/ a job.  Larry spends more time at work wondering if this job is all just a funny dream.

Larry hasn't even started work and he's talking to reps from Janssen, Watson, Novo-Nordisk, Novartis, Pfizer, and Bristol Myers Squibb for a future at their companies.  Larry's plan: to find a different job before he ends training with his current employer because the people there are incompetent and he has no respect for them.
Chapter 6: Exit Jerry (7/30/02)

Unfortunately, after a thrilling 2 weeks of work with his newfound cohort in crime, Jerry randomly injures his rotator cuff and is unable to work and promises he will not come back to such a shoddy operation.  He will, however, help Larry find a real job elsewhere...more to follow.

1st day of selling and boss tells Larry he will have to work the late shift, which apparently is good, but Larry is  skeptical...again, more to follow.
Chapter 7: It's "Go" Time (8/6/02)

Larry hits the floor and starts selling drugs w/ a bang!  First 2 days, Larry leads the team in sales selling to over 25% of the offices he speaks to.  Normally, people sell to about 8-10% of the offices they speak to.  On average, reps need to make 80-90 calls per day to make 15 sales, however Larry reaches 16 sales in 56 calls....on word:  Woo!

After the day ends, Larry's boss inquires if he is interested in management...more to follow.  One thing is for certain, the bullshitting skills are honed in and Larry is ready to rock out w/ his jock out!
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