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I have endeavored to put every prophecy from every book and put all known explanations. Really I just put what seems to be the most reasonable explanation. I am in the Demandred=Taim camp. I do think that he murdered Asmodean. I do think that Mat will literally lose an eye to save Moiraine. I have heard things like Graendal murdered Asmodean, Taim is a new Dredlord, Taim is a pawn of Demandred, and other random ramblings of hundreds of Robert Jordan Fans. These are what have already been revealed and what have yet to be revealed, but are practical certainties. Good exploring.

The Prophecies

Crossroads of Twilight January 2003

My Review of Crossroads of Twilight. Personally I was disappointed with the bad reviews on Amazon.com. The book was well written, no big bang of an ending and still working on the global scale that has upset people in the past as opposed to the smaller scale of the first few books.
You can read the first chapter of "Crossroads of Twilight" on www.tor.com. It is a snippet about Mat and Egeanin.
01/07/03 Crossroads of Twilight is now availible in stores. Run out and get your copy. After buying and reading the prologue and the first chapter, I am excited. We have weathered delays and now we are to be rewarded.
The new book is NOW scheduled to be released January 7th. Jordan gave an explanation about a book tour and wanting more editing time. Glimmers (ebook prologue of COT) is still being sold by simon & schuster, so if you need a fix of new Jordan then buy it.
The confirmed title of Book 10 is Crossroad of Twilight by a press release by Tor; it also confirmed the November 12th release date. Mat and company is on the Cover.
Robert Jordan does intend to write 3 yes THREE novellas. In other words, three short stories that any other author would consider a book. The first one is going to be a revamped version of A New Spring.
Robert Jordan does not intend on contributing to Legends 2, though at one point he did.

Test for Robert Jordan Fans, Its a fun divertion. try it out

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