I practice a form of Kempo called Kisae, "Keep It Simple And Effective". This art, my art, was created to meet my needs and fit my limitations. I developed it after years of study, etc. etc. If you like it, that is fine. If you do not like it, that too is fine. I did not create it for you. But I am willing to share.

If you're going to use it, make damn sure you can justify it in court or better yet , be elsewhere before things get hot!

The standard disclaimer applies, if you or others get hurt trying what you see here, it ain't my fault! This page is for browsing when you are done practicing.

I personally always prefer to LEARN NEW MATERIAL under the guidance of a qualified pro. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE SAME FOR YOU!!!

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It has been a while since I posted here last but I believe it was John Lennon who is credited with the quote, Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Now that life have been attended to, I can attend to this.

This months post is about the very nature of Kisae Kempo. It as been drawn primarily from another art called Moh Kempo. There are, however, significant elements drawn from other martial arts.

Kisae Kempo is primarily a non-grappling martial art. In simpler terms, I practice a striking martial art. While the purpose of Kisae is to develop strength, honor and courage; I must survive first in order to do that.

I was a slim and rather slight individual as a young man. After some practice with grappling arts, I came to realize they were not for me. Instead, striking is how I have learned to survive a violent attack. Learning and practicing percussive martial arts is the path I chose.

Therefore a clear code of conduct regarding response to attacks was and is absolutely vital. So is the development of an awareness of the dangers posed by certain attacks. Both the code of conduct and the awareness must be cultivated and trained regularly. Lip service was simply not good enough.

In a martial sport, consent is implied by the very nature of ones activity. Boxers or mixed martial artists often know weeks in advance that they will be required to compete. They know the rules they will be competing under and often who they will be going against. The rules and the referee are there to ensure that honest competition takes place.

Dueling (competing without rules) is illegal; I do not condone it with either practice or theory so I will not address that concept.

In a self defense situation, the whole concept of consent is absurd. A violent attack is often perpetrated by a predatory individual who is intent upon taking advantage of a weaker and / or unwary prey.

A defender must be able to strike quickly and effectively as the situation dictates. Only regular and serious training has prepared me for such things.

Yet there is more to the martial arts that simply mayhem. It was Funakoshi Sensei that said that all karate begins and ends with courtesy. This idea would easily apply to Kisae, as well.

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