So You Went To St. Nicks 1998-2003? That's a Shame.
You Probably Met Us.
That's a Shame.
Students, Teachers, Staff, Morris, welcome to the student site for the class of 1998. If you didn't attend St. Nicks High School, Cheshire, England (For all those yanks reading it isn't near London) or weren't in our year, then you'll probably be pretty disturbed by this site. For those who did, hopefully you can relive memories: first kisses, first dates, first time you did an "all-nighter", first bollocking off Mr. Hathaway, first time you got rat-arsed (or was that primary school eh Mr Parry?) Anyway it's here for you to read, enjoy, reminice and contact your old mates. Hopefully you'll be reading this from a university common room, or internet cafe or your house, or (in some cases) through somebody elses window, but anyway, you'll hopefully remember some good times and good people (like Conor...seriously), and of course some bad people (like Mike) enjoy it, and if you get insulted, blame the yanks!

Whether you liked it or hated it you've gotta admit it was eventful: the lessons, the detentions the regular break out of people from Greenbank (usually that boy wearing wellies). Relive it all here.
I apologise in advance if this is as painfully awful to view as a Dale Winton Porno but hey, at least we tried, which is more than you lazy bastards can say!

Hooray it's nearly 2005! Ok maybe that's not so good, it means that we'll all be 18 or over in a years time and have to soon "mature," but oh well. Anyway it's been a while since either myself or Conor has updated this website, or any for that matter, but it's between this and a Business Studies past exam question (January 2003, Further Operations Management, question 1b if anyone wants to help...) Anyway a lot has changed recently, we have new kids in 6th form, people leaving for Mid/South Cheshire or Johnny Deane''s (like my traitorous fellow website mogul), Shambles United flying high...or at least mid-table in the Moss Farm 7-a-side league Division 6, Parry still drinking copiously, Craig still stationery, Birch still with uncontrollable limbs and the Chief still so enigmatically insane (his words not mine...haha). Anyway enjoy the site, keep visiting and profess your love for me as often as possible.
About our year: Like Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin
Parties: Ah the youth of today, with their loose morals, alcohol consumption and loud music, brings a tear to my eye. Read more about the basic St. Nicks party here
Your Memories: Similar to what we do with ours, just you send 'em to us
Who was there?: A concise list of who was there and maybe a bit about them If we can be arsed...or if we can be complimentary.
I'm hazy, what happened in those 5 painful years: Well whether you're forgetful or whether you were just hungover (ahem Mr Parry/Brien), here's a reminder of thing that happened between during our stay at St. Nicks
Our memories: What we remember about St. Nicks and maybe about Primary School
Contacts: Our other sites, e-mail addresses, your sites and e-mail address and other somewhat irrelevant stuff
Doubt it will get much better so you might be best of pretending your house is on fire so you can leave.
Disclaimer: This site, if put into a category would come under "comedy", "fantasy" or "shit." Any insults made are there for a number of reasons:
1) We think you have a sense of humour and can take it
2) We think you're a big enough man/woman/Murph to accept the joke and move on
3) We need to insult you because we're addicts
4) We don't like you! (However this is only when we insult each other, not the general public, you beautiful, beautiful people, please keep visiting!)
5) You are Birch/Will/Patterson/Murph, if you aren't insulted things wouldn't be the same and you have the balls/vagina/whatever Murph has to take it

And all jokes at un-related objects (e.g. America, Tim Henman) is because humour is the greatest medicine for your problems, apart from the cure or painkillers.
Even if this is ridiculously low i don't care we are gonna waste space on the internet anyway...muahahahahahahahahahaha first geocities then the world.