THIS SITE gets RENOVATED too often, the last time was 07/23/2009!!

Steve participate's in New York City's Off-Broadway theatre and independent film scene.
Steve work's with some of the best in the entertainment business:
PULITZER PRIZE winning authors, OSCAR, TONY, DRAMA DESK, award winning actors, filmmakers, directors and GRAMMY award winning musicians on a DAILY basis!

For info on BOOKING Steve or his COACHING you or just want to tell Steve about an audition, please send info via e-mail...Thanks


Remember, the sign on the DOOR to opportunity says PUSH!!

Take a walk down the long & winding road of...

MY 'career'RESUME

New York and Regional Theater

CAPITAL letters = Principle role

Play Role Theatre - Director
leaving RICK joseph papp public theatre - trish sandberg
tamara guardia the park avenue armory - george rondo
strawhead joey the actors studio - norman mailer
saturday afternoon LEVI the new dramatists - julius landau
the yellow dog contract fink the actors studio - joe ragno
henry 4th part i HOTSPUR 42nd Street Theatre - g.w. reed
the tempest adrian 42nd St. Workshop - carol gerber
a hatful of rain POLO 2 nuke's prods/42nd St Workshop - g.w. reed
the bleeding mimosa SHERIFF upstairs at the duplex - china clark
the chemistry club HOT DOG the workshop - ian cohen
does a tiger wear a necktie BICKHAM passiac college, nj - lewis coles
the better to kill you with PARKINS pompano players theatre, pompano beach, fl
homegrown ROCKY national black theatre, harlem, usa - dwight cook


Caps = Principle role
Film Role Studio - Director
Cadillac Records ENGINEER Darnell Martin - Writer/Director/Producer
The Caller CABBIE w/Frank Langella Richard Ledes - Director
Wedding Daze HOSTAGE w/Joe Pantilone MGM - Michael Ian Black - Writer/Director
NYC Seranade crew Archer Ent. - Frank Whaley - Writer/Director
Music & Lyrics By crew Warner Bros. - Marc Lawrence - Writer/Director
The Cake Eaters crew The 7th Fl. - Mary Stuart Masterson - Writer/Director
Interveiw PAPARAZZI IronWorks Prods. - Steve Buscemi - Writer/Director
Delirious SHADES: The Paparaz Thelma Prods. - Tom DiCillo - Writer/Director
The Gardner of Eden MUGGER The 7th Fl. - Kevin Connolly - Director
Fight Knight SCHMOILE Indy - Kevin Ladson - Writer/Director
Room JOE The 7th Fl. - Kyle Henry - Writer/Director
Stuart Little II CAB DRIVER Sony - Danny Aeillo III - Director
Monday Nite Mayhem 'THE RINGLEADER' TNT - Ernest Dickerson - Director
The Opportunists THUG #1 - uc New Line - Brendan O'Connor - Director
Saturday In The Park GEOFFREY 2 Nuke's Production (short) - Steve Nuke - Director
More, No More LUTHER 1st pl. philadelphia film festival - Gary Garrison
Subway Stories poley HBO - Marla Hansen & Abel Ferrara
Thomas Crowne Affair dad in museum MGM-UA - John McTeirnan - Michael Tadross, producer
15 Minutes Stand-In - ED BURNS Avery Pix - John Herzfeld - Director
The Cradle Will Rock Stand-In - ANGUS McFADDEN Miramax - Tim Robbins - writer/director
Possible Side Effects Stand-in JOSH LUCAS Showtime - Tim Robbins - writer/director
Summer Of Sam CSI fotog - uc Miramax - Spike Lee - Director
The Seige aka Martial Law sniper 20th century fox - Ed Zwick/(Peter Horton)
Devils Advocate juror Universal - Taylor Hackford - Director
Me MIKE MALLOY Irish Film Festival - winner - Andrew Levine - Director


Caps = Principle role
Show Role Network
Life on Mars PATROLMAN PEGSON ABC - Michael Kattleman - Director
Kidnapped PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR NBC - Michael Pressman - Director
Law & Order: C.I. CLAUDE WORRELL NBC - Alex Zakrewski - Director
Bad Apple DOCK WORKER TNT - Adam Bernstein - Director
one life to live u/5 abc-tv
new york undercover crew universal television - don kurt



Klondike Ice Cream PRINCIPLE Unilever.
Verizon Wireless PRINCIPLE McCann-Ericsonn.
moghegan sun FEATURED radical media.
John Hanock Insurance PRINCIPLE german media co.
heinekin beer PRINCIPLE german media co.
citibank BORED MEMBER radical media
metro-north rr PRINCIPLE radical media
merrill lynch featured cohn & co.
resturant guide PRINCIPLE radical media
mercedes-benz - CLK series PRINCIPLE kal-i-d'scope productions - paul zimm
trans america insurance featured paradigm

my PERSONAL stats

  • Dark Brown Hair
  • Baby Blue Eyes
  • Weight: 176 pounds
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Vocal Range: Tenor
  • Unions: AEA, SAG, AFTRA - Irish passport pending

    MY card for commercial PRINT work.

    ...if you hear of a photographer who is testing, could you let THEM know about Steve Nuke or tell them about this site....


    • nyu/tsoa - Marketta Kimbrill, jerimiah newton, Gary Garrison,Robert Moss-
    • columbia university film school - Lenore deKovens, peter miner, brendan ward, annette insdorf
  • Acting
    • stella adler - (tara bowles) - Bruce Katzman of yale drama school,
    • private study - shelley winters, Penney Allen, marcia haufrecht,
    • hb studio - herbert berghof, sandy dennis, salem ludwig, Anne Jackson, (playwrighting)donna dematteo
    • shakespeare - Geoffrey Owens
    • the actors studio - michael margotta, joe ragno, estelle parsons
  • Speech/Voice
    • miriam green, miller lyde, william maloney,
  • Singing
    • ingrid perimony, stacy houghton, george axiltree
  • Dance
    • garth fagan
  • Movement
    • sensi gerald orange, sensi smitty,
  • Improvisation
    • Mai Life
  • On-Camera
    • weist/barron - DWIGHT WEIST, pat mccorkle
    • karen kayser, robin knoll, gayle keller,
  • Commercials
    • karen kayser, liz lewis,
  • Jazz Guitar
    • herb ellis, chuck wayne, bud detar, ron naldi

  • I will SOON, attempt to put my reel on this site, in the mean time:

    watch Free DIGITAL movies on-line


    RECENTLY, Steve RAN for A SEAT on the NY Board of Directors of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD [SAG]!!! 2008


      CONGRATULATION...goes out to all the NEW board members and The new SAG President in LA...Alan Rosenberg.!!
      Way To go Alan ...not only do BOTH ALANS have the CAHONES to stand up TO THE COMPLEX ISSUES WE ARE FACED WITH in 2008. THEY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. This year 2008-2009 will SAG actors have a real INCREASE in PAY. Thank you Alan, for the effort and RISKS taken for ALL SAG ACTORS
      Thank you for your support :'\)

      Steve is auditioning and WORKING.

      His most recent project was on: LIFE ON MARS

      You also can visit ME AT these link's too.
      If they do NOT link let me know just e-mail me

      MY IMDB

      SEE when my LAW & ORDER EPISODE airs

      sagactor - Bulletin Board = news & opinions about SAG - NY & LA

      LA-Actors-on-line aka NOW CASTING

      Regional Auditions: NY to LA - On-Line Site with Audition info on www...


      TV THUG - streaming video w/TV shows

      A place to remince about the golden age of baseball

      "The life of THIS actor is far from glamourous!!. on Stage or Screen. Dirty dressing rooms, cramped quarters in Winnebagos not to mention the work itself. One must invest 1220% of their soul into any role. Learning the lines so the words fall trippingly off of the tongue is a job of tedious, repetition for countless hours.

      Wherever you live & whatever you may do...LIFE IS HARD!! So if your starting out in this life or 'just' a major star. They're all long days, especially in the movies. The average day on a film set is 14 hours. Usually its just 2 scenes. So when you watch a movie, remember how much effort, detail & man-hours/days went into it. But hey, It's all about the work. Am I right...just remember,

      there's no business like show business


      STEVE NUKE is available for professional (AEA) regional theatre and (SAG)film work GLOBALLY and NATIONALLY, as well as for work Off & Way Off-Off-Broadway in New York City.
      Contact ME for serious inquires & offers. Thanks...

      Steve Nuke's production company 2NP is seeking ONE-ACT plays and movie scripts for developement. send MAIL to Steve, via U.S. Postal Service, ANY ideas and/or would like to collabortate on one...PLEASE send a synopsis FIRST, we will contact you at a later date for COMPLETE script.
    • Send to: 2 Nukes Productions - J.A.F. Station #7958 - NY NY 10116

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      MSN - MONEY Central SITE


      If you want to write a PLAY or want to produce one that you heard, Here are several outlets for you to go to.
      If you DO attend one, Tell us what u think!

    • STAGEWRIGHTS - Monday nights @ 7:30 - 35 W. 45 Street 6 fl. - Call 411 - Weist/Baron Studio for additional information. John Albanese RAN a great workshop!!

    • HB PLAYWRIGHTS - Tuesday nites @ 7:30 pm - 122 Bank St. - Rommulus Linney, Kenny Lonergan, Horton Foote, Peter Hedges, Rennee Taylor, & lots more were there. Donna deMatteo is a GREAT writer, person and mentor did I say a director! HB Studio: the best for the least in NYC!! hb studio click for additional info.

    • Here's a group I met a while ago when I was WITH The GRADUATE DIVISION of the NYU Dramatic Writing program...ARE they on the cusp of musical theatre?...Most members have moved on to GREENER PASTURES. THE GENESIUS GUILD
    • In LA there's FIRST STAGE, another group. - Monday nite @ 7pm Peter Hymas, Ellen Sandler, Donna deMatteo & Georgie G are members. @The Church just off Highland & Franklin...check the trades for info about each of them.

    • Upcoming (TV & FILM) projects lensing in NY/LA.

      Principle casters are listed below.
    • Hollywood is a DREAM FACTORY

      . They are always looking for the next over nite fe-nom. Roles available for all races. Men & women - 18 - 75 years old. Projects listed include a contact NAME, ADDRESS and WHEN the shooting begins. ALSO some listed here might NOT be shooting b'twn 12/0 - 12/03, like anything else, do your research!!

    • The accountants in HOLLYWOOD were FRANTIC trying to get their projects in the CAN BEFORE the DGA, SAG & WGA were to go on strike, that they OVER produced. Ultimitely, they shot too much and NOW have a backlog of inventory?? Similar to the the TECHNOLOGY business', BOTH of which ARE over HYPED and OVER produced. Wanting sales from a slow purchasing customer base!. Now we all have to HURRY UP and wait...?? And wait to see what the end result is. HOPEFULLY, without the repo man taking OUR stuff!! check out the articles in VARIETY HOLLYW'D RUSH
    • Who's who in show BUSINESS -

      WHO REALLY RUNS THE SHOWs we watch

      Wanna get away from LALA land and get on the boards!!

      L@@KING 4 a CHEAP FLIGHT - check it out!.

    • Are you tired of agents telling you that it's slow?? Then do what the great IRISH film director NEIL JORDAN told me to do. FIRE YOUR AGENT!!

    • HOLLYWOOD is NEVER slow, it's a FACTORY of DREAMS.
    • DO you WANT TO know what's REALLY going on in LA & NY?
    • Here it is. The right information. Ya got it, now use it or LOOSE IT!.


      "HOLLYWOOD, theres something for everyone!!!"

      Let's hope the films



  • Untitled OLIVER STONE project - c/o IXTLAN - 1207 Fourth St. PH 1 - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Oiver Stone directs - [SAG]

  • SEX AND THE CITY 2 - Avery Pix, Inc. - c/o New Line Productions - 42-22 22nd St. #205 L.I.C., NY 11101 - [SAG]

  • THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU - c/o Hundreds of Hats, Inc. - 304 Park Ave S. 9th Fl., - NY, NY, 10010 - [SAG]

    N.Y.C.: The former TELEVISION capital of the world. Can we regain supremecy?

  • LAW & ORDER - c/o Suzanne Ryan
  • LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT c/o Kimberly Hope
  • LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT c/o Johnathan Strauss
  • Pier 62 - W. 23 St. 3fl. - NY NY 10010 - [TV - nbc,usa,a&e,sleuth...]
  • [3 different shows cast out of same office.] - [SAG - TV series NBC]

  • 30 ROCK - Silver Cup Studio - 45-22 22 Street, Long Isl City, NY 11101 - [SAG - TV series]
  • UGLY BETTY - c/o Geoffrey Stoffer - 'SILVERCUP EAST' - 34-02 Starr Avenue 1st fl. - Long Isl. City - 11107 - [SAG - TV series]
  • IN TREATMENT - Silver Cup East - 'SILVERCUP EAST' - 34-02 Starr Avenue 1st fl. - Long Isl. City - 11107- [SAG - TV series]
    YOU DONT KNOW JACK - Royal Oak Films Inc.- 609 Greenwich St - 7th fl.- New York, NY 10014 - [SAG - TV series]
    THE GOOD WIFE - c/o "BROADWAY STAGES" - 203 Meserole Avenue 2nd fl. - Brooklyn, NY 11222 - [AFTRA - cable TV series]
  • RESCUE ME - c/o JULIE TUCKER - 568 Broadway #301 - NY, NY 10012 - [AFTRA - cable TV series - FX] shoots in NY
  • DAMAGES - c/o JULIE TUCKER c/o APOSTLE - 568 BROADWAY #301 - NY NY 10012 [AFTRA - cable TV series]
  • GOSSIP GIRL - c/o "BROADWAY STAGES" - 203 Meserole Avenue 2nd fl. - Brooklyn, NY 11222 - [AFTRA - cable TV series]

  • POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS - Steiner Studios - 12.2008 - - The great Tim Robbins wrote & directed this pilot - [SAG pilot]
  • KINGS - 196 Diamond Street, Bkln, NY 11222 - CANCELLED
  • FRINGE - SilverCup East - 32-02 Starr Avenue, Long Isl City, NY 11101 - MOVED TO CANADA. 35% wasn't good enough?

    SHOT ON THE streets OF New York

  • ERICKA SALT - 110 Leroy Street, NY NY 10013 - June 2009 WRAPPED
  • THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1,2,3 - c/o 32-26 34 St. - Astoria, NY 11101- TONY SCOTT directs: 6-2008 WRAP
  • BROOKLYN TO MANHATTAN - HSB Casting - 451 Greenwich Street - NY NY 10013 - Jessy Terreo directs: Jan 2007 WRAP
  • WE OWN THE NIGHT - Kaufman Astoria Studios - 34-12 36 St.t - 2nd fl. - Astoria, NY 11108 - 5-2006 - WRAPPED]
  • untitled VAN GOGH project - 517 W. 35 St. - NY NY 10001 - Steve Buscemi directs & Stars
  • UNTITLED BEATLE movie: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE c/o TELSEY CASTING - 145 W. 28 St. #1200 - New York, NY 10001
    - The GREAT Julie Taymor is directing [NY Shoot 8-2005]WRAPPED

  • THE GOOD SHEPARD - Sig deMiguel - 180 Grand St. 3 fl. - New York, NY 10013 - Robert DeNiro - directs- w/Matt Damon - WRAPPED
  • Untitled OLIVER STONE 9-11 project - c/o IXTLAN - 1207 Fourth St. PH 1 - Santa Monica, CA 90401 - shot in NYC 10-2005 - Oiver Stone - directs - WRAPPED

  • THE GARDENER OF EDEN - c/o TSF - 19 W. 21 St. - NY NY 10010 - shot in NY/NJ...[f] Luke Haas- stars [WRAPPED - 12-2005]

  • THE DEPARTED - New York, NY 10019 - stars: Jack Nicholson, Leonard Di Caprio - Martin Scorcese: Directs - [shot in NY & Boston

  • - Cutlass Supreme Prods Inc. - 20 No. Moore #9 - NY NY 10013 - [F] - Ed Burns - writer /director/producer


  • Amy Christopher c/o Fox - 1221 6th Avenue 3 fl - NY NY 10019
  • Meg Simon c/o Warner Bros. Casting - 1325 6th Avenue - NY NY 10019
  • Marci Philips - c/o ABC - 157 Columbus Avenue. 2fl. - NY NY 10023
  • Andra Reeve - c/o CBS - 51 W. 52 St. 5 fl. - NY NY 10019


  • Julie Wilson - c/o - ALL MY CHILDREN - 320 W.66 St. - NY, NY 10023 [TV]
  • Rob DeCina - c/o - GUIDING LIGHT - 222 E. 44 St 4 fl - NY, NY 10022 [TV]
  • Tori Visiglio - c/o - ONE LIFE 2 LIVE - 157 Columbus Avenue - NY NY 10023[TV]
  • Mary Clay Boland - c/o - AS THE WORLD TURNS - 1268 E. 14 St. - Bkln NY 11230 [TV]

    =====NY TV series GRAVEYARD=====

  • LIFE ON MARS - BONNIE FINNEGAN CASTING - 330 W. 38 St. 11 fl NY, N.Y., 10001 - [ny shoot]17 EPISODES shot, then CANCELLED - I had a CO-STAR role on it

  • KIDNAPPED - BONNIE FINNEGAN CASTING - 12 W. 27 St. 11 Fl NY, N.Y., 10001 - [ny shoot]13 EPISODES shot, then CANCELLED - I had a CO-STAR role on it!
  • LAW & ORDER spin-off - - c/o CONVICTIONS - Kaufman Astoria Studios - 34-12 36th Street - Astoria, NY 11106 - [TV series - NBC] [NY shoot [CANCELLED ]2006]
  • - 3rd WATCH - Kim Miscia c/o WB-TV - 159 w. 25 St. - NY NY 10001 [TV - nbc] [CANCELLED ]
  • "ED" formerly stuckeyville c/o James Calleri - 630 Ninth Ave 8 fl. - NY NY 10036 - (TV - nbc) - [CANCELLED]
  • THE JURY -Alexa Fogel - 443 Greenwich St. St. 5fl - NY NY 10013 -w/BARRY LEVINSON (TV - FOX) shot in NYC - [CANCELLED]
  • HACK - Pat McCorkle - c/o 575 8 Avenue - NY NY 10018 - David Morse - Producer/star - - PHILADELPHIA shoot - [CANCELLED] [TV]
  • SEX IN THE CITY c/o 42-22 22 St. - L.I.C., NY 11101 - [CABLE TV - hbo] - CANCELLED - see ya babe!! - 2002
  • Bonnie Finnegan - c/o - QUEEENS SUPREME - 12 w. 27 St. 11 fl. - NY, NY 10001 - [TV] in NY - CANCELLED - JULIA ROBERTS - producer

  • MOVIES recently SHOT in NY...the rightCOAST - ..

    KEEP coming back.

    WAR OF THE WORLDS - 110 Leroy St. 8 fl. - NY NY 10010 - w/ Tom Cruise - & Steven Speilberg - [shot in NY/NJ - WRAPPED 12-2004[F]
  • THE FIRST LAST KISS aka 'Hitch' - 400 Eighth Avenue - NY NY 10001 - [F] Will Smith & Eva Mendez - [wrapped 7-2004 ]
  • THE INTERPRETER PRODS. - Juliet Taylor - 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza - 16th fl NY, NY 10017 - Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn - star - The great Sidney Pollack - writer/director/producer WRAPPED 6-04- [F]
  • THE MANCHURIAN CANIDATE - 311 Church Street - NY NY 10005 - w/DENZEL WASHINGTON - Johnathan Demme - Dir, [Scott Rudin - producer -
  • 13 going on 30 w/ JENNIFER GARNER & mark ruffalo - 7-2003
  • BIRTH - Avy Kaufman Casting - 180 Varick St.18 fl. NY NY 10010 - [F] shoot 2-2003 - w/NICOLE KIDMAN, Lauren Bacall - WRAPPED 4-2003
  • SCHOOL OF ROCK - Ilene Starger Casting - 1220 Broadway 8 fl. NY NY 10001 - [F] - w/JACK BLACK - wrapped 3/2003
  • HOW TO LOSE A DATE IN 10 DAYS - [F] - w/Kate Hudson & Matthew McConnahey WRAPPED 7/2002
  • SMACK IN THE KISSER - [F] IN ny w/KIRK DOUGLASS - starts 3/2002
  • THE HEBREW HAMMER - 330 W. 38 St 6fl. - NY NY 10018 - [F] Shot in NY. WRAPPED 6/2002
  • - THE WOLVES OF WALL STREET - wrap 3/2002
  • MEN IN BLACK 2 - [F] - WRAPPED 2001
  • MARCIE X - 1220 Broadway 8 fl - NY NY 10001 - [F] - - w/ DAMON WAYANS - NY shoot - WRAPPED 2001
  • ROLLERBALL - John McTeirnan - Director - Michael Tadross -Producer- NY/Toronto shoot - start 3/2001 - 8/2001 = WRAPPED [F]

    A really terrific woman and casting director recently passed away:
  • Mary Colhoun - c/o - NOVOCAINE - Martin Bregman Prod. - 641 Lexington Ave. - NYC 10022 - (F) Canada shoot 3/00

    Another great guy Riccardo Bertoni passed away..just b4 Christmas 2003..No more Kah-Sting...

    and the late great SYLVIA FAYE passed on in 2008...a legend in the NY film industry!...will they be casting at the pearly gates...??
    we will miss them ALL...

  • Some of the best FILM actors in Hollywood came from the NY STAGE: This is NOT only my opinion, it's on the screen.
    I'll name a few of MY mentors & favorites:

    Paul Muni, Charlie Chaplin, JIMMY STEWART, John Garfield, Monty Cliff, PAUL NEWMAN, Lee Grant, BURT LANCASTER, WILLIAM HICKEY, Edward G. Robinson, Eli Wallach, FRANK SINATRA, Carol Kane, HENRY FONDA, Charles Laughton, Robert Shaw, DUSTIN HOFFMAN, Kirk Douglas, GEORGE C. SCOTT, James Cagney, JON VOIGHT, Richard Burton, TIM ROBBINS, Lee J. Cobb, GENE HACKMAN, Humphrey Bogart, Ozzie Davis, ANTHONY HOPKINS, Dane Clark, Ava Gardner, SALLY FIELD, Burgess Meredith, Janis Hansen, SHELLEY WINTERS, James Caan, Ray Walston, SPENCER TRACY, John Amos, Robert Mitchum, AL PACINO, James Mason, Lon Chaney Jr., TOM HANKS, Anne Meara, Dan Frazier, Jerry Orbach, SANDY DENNIS, Lou Costello, Gary Cooper, TOMMY LEE JONES, Diane Venora, JACK LEMMON, Jimmy Ray Weeks, ROBERT DeNIRO, Anne Jackson, DENZEL WASHINGTON, Peter Sellars, ORSON WELLS, Walter Brennan, oscar winners in CAPS.

    I lost my faithful companion CHOOKIE
    on October 26, 2008
    He was 15 years old...He will be missed...

      Advice to the players or want to be an actor???

    Here are some things WE should all try to remember while following the yellow brickroad toward a career and in this life.

  • Be KIND to the elderly.
  • HELP those less fortunate than you.
  • Open doors for women, children and handicapped people
  • Make FRIENDS everyday or try.
  • Network. Don't be afraid to SHARE information.
  • Remember the 7 deadly sins. GREED & ENVY especially.
  • Be GOOD to human beings and to yourself. IT SHOWS IN YOUR WORK.
  • Study, take classes, LEARN everything and then forget it.
  • It takes 20 years to have a career, in any business. 10 years to learn the craft, another 10 to learn who the PLAYERS are in that business.
  • Walk the walk. Don't just talk the talk.
  • LIVE the life you love and LOVE the life you live.
  • Enjoy the challenges and the PROCESS
  • Don't take NO for an answer.
  • Follow your DREAM!!!
  • Be greedy when others are fearful, but be very fearful when others are greedy - WARREN BUFFET one of the greatest WALL ST. investors ever!!
    • WARREN BUFFET states: "Your goal as an investor should simply be to purchase, at a rational price, a part interest in an easily understandable business whose earnings are virtually certain to be materially higher five, 10, and 20 years from now."
    • WARREN BUFFET states: "The intrinsic value of a business "is the discounted value of the cash that can be taken out of a business during its remaining life."
    • WARREN BUFFET was asked if he were a teaching a class on valuation: He said "on my final exam, I would take an Internet company and ask [my students], 'How much is this company worth?' Anyone who would answer, I would flunk."
    • An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and satisfactory return. - BENJAMIN GRAHAM - Warren Buffets professor from Columbia University Business School.
  • "Talent is God-given: Be humble. - Fame is man-given: Be grateful. - Conceit is self-given: Be careful."
  • John Wooden - all-time Winningest College Basketball Coach .
  • "Art is NOT a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to SHAPE IT!!."
  • - Vladimir Mayakovsky
  • "Life isn't about FINDing yourself. Life is about CREATing yourself". - George Bernard Shaw
  • "Life is NOT holding a good hand; Life is playing a poor hand well." - Danish proverb
  • "Helluva thing killin' a man, ya take away all he's got and all he's ever going to have"...
  • William Munny - UNFORGIVEN
  • "Remember, HOPE is a good thing, maybe the BEST of things, & no GOOD thing ever dies"...
  • "NEVER think an act of COMPASSION as a sign of WEAKNESS".
  • Vito Corleone
  • "It's nothin' personal, only business". Michael Corleone
  • "Whenever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I'll be there. Whenever a guys getting beat up, I'll be there too..."
  • "It took me seventeen years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. On the golf course, I did it in one afternoon." Hank Aaron - All-time Homerun King w/755
  • Here's some good advice from the cadets at West Point: - RISK more than others think is safe. - CARE more than others think is wise. - DREAM more than others think is practical. - EXPECT more than others think is possible.
  • Don't forget to take your vitimain C!...a B complex vitamin and Glucosamine: for healthy joints!
  • NOTHING happens overnight, except for maybe the sun rise and if your lucky....federal express.
  • If i can help anyone in anyway let me know.

  • Sign my Guestbook = lets me know U came...
    SEE WHO ELSE came & went

    Want to FIND something??
    Don't know HOW get to where ever it is youR L@@KING for?? GET A MAP!! @ MAPQUEST

    Still L@@KING 4 the one or need a prom date. Have I GOT a date 4U here.

    FREE money?... look at this LINK to FOLIOfn to find out how! are they THEIVES?!?!?!

    Links to OTHER informative sites on the Web


    GRANT free money RESOURSES
    Read a book on-line for FREE :-: PROJECT GUTTENBERG
    read a script: THE DAILY SCRIPT

    get the breakdowns HERE - actors
    daily VARIETY - the bible FOR showbiz - news on film,stage,tv,music events
    411 index - a great place to research
    billboard magazine - music for everyone
    dramatist play service - RENT a play here..
    HB Studio: the best place in town...@$7.00 p/class?

    Backstage - for star-GAZERS or just WORKING stiffs.
    NYC: The GREATEST backlot!! - MOFTV - Film commish office -
    aea - ACTORS EQUITY - 'get a job Nukey'...go to an EPA
    ACTRA - runaway production is here!!!if U cant beat 'em...join 'em...CANADAs = 2 SAG
    IS SAG - not L@@king out for it's members. Paying MORE dues = LESS work? Do the math...or is it just me? LMK...
    SHOWFAX - get SIDES... STARVING artists SHOULD pay JUST for SIDES?. IS it convienent?, I guess WE should pay to audition TOO??
    screenline - a place for filmmakers, writers, and actors
    A master filmmaker's site
    Cheap airline tix
    Internet movie database
    MovieFone 777-film LINK

    Shakespeare - The Complete Works
    Shakespearean monologues for men & women
    THE N.Y. JETS - ARE still here IN 2069
    N.Y. YANKEES: the PRIDE never left!!! Take the #4 train to 161 Street 4 the WORLD Series & Monument Park :)??

    The New York Times

  • When sending SUBMISSIONS castings, address envelope the following way:
  • DO NOT seal it. Asst's & interns open thousands of 'em, make it easier for them. Just fold the flap INSIDE the envelope.
  • casters or PROJECT name
  • address
  • city/state/zip
  • ATTN: casting persons name or specific role
  • Write a short concise note ie: "heard about your project & would love to read for a featured role" If your in a mood, then try the shock jock from da bronx approach...hey, who do i have to payoff for a dayplayer job around here?"
  • DO NOT grovel or beg for the work.
  • You are a professional and act accordingly.
  • While on set, do the same. Don't seem needy. It shows.
  • Show up on time, do what is asked and say thank you.
  • Where else do you get PAID to walk across the street???
  • Hollywood, where's the RICO act!!! I mean it..;-)

    Steve had a GREAT trip to LA 1999/2000, INSPITE of the dismal pilot season. ON his OWN, Steve auditioned with 14 different casting directors for network television, 2 independent film producers, 2 Shakespeare festivals. And work on an industrial in LESS than a month...whew!! THANK YOU!! Bi-Coastal :>), is the way to be.!! Steve met an agent at William Morris Agency 4 years ago. She said THEN,'head out for LA'. Guess he's a 'lil deaf.
    LA...8 million people...NO place to PARK...Steve Nuke will be Back there same time every year until something happens!!
    but THERE's no place like HOME. New York, New York...sounds so nice, ya know they had to name it twice...

    Just some of the latest information, gratefully supplied from agent's submissions, the WEB, and SAG. There's even links for FREE stock quotes, software and other stuff too!! Find a date, even get paid to? just use the Page down button ^- on YOUR keyboard ^>

    If you like what YOU see on this site and would like to help... use the ADDRESS listed below... Contributions, in this economy, R greatly appreciated. Thanks!! :-).....

  • ANOTHER round of AFTRA/SAG merger elections came and went. What are THOSE, who are in office and those running for office, GOING to do to help US, the DISENFRANCHISED actor.
  • I spoke with Melissa Gilbert, SAG president, a VERY SEXY AND PLEASANT WOMAN, at an INFORMATIVE 'merger'/TOWN hall MEETING in NYC, I asked her "as a small business owner, just what will SAG do for my BOTTOM LINE,...besides being broke, and not able to afford HEALTH CARE?? But as a DUES PAYING member, what or how will THEY[sag] come up with SOMETHING for MY BENEFIT??? i ALSO ASKED, How WILL the merger help ALL MEMBERS, but mainly THE SILENT MAJORITY, those faces in the crowd, WHO STAND IN THE BACKGROUND, which make up 85% of dues paying membership. BTW that rose 40%, while ACTORS working class wage rose 3 BUCKS!! Whats wrong with that picture?? She quipted that the MERGER is an umbrella, which 4 seperate entities stand..I said isn't a fist STRONGER - the FIST of sag, she opted to claw them, like CAT WOMAN. Its a choice, niotbthe one I would make. BUT she's working and I'm not!! BUT Health care is a REAL national priorty... With the RAISING of the MININUM earning ceiling for HEALTH BENEFITS...Low to middle class ACTORS & those of us who are workers ARE no worse than those AFGHANS, living in the streets of Kabul with NOTHING'. A chilling image, yet sobering of a thought.

    POLITICD? OR policies??? The COMPLETETION BOND issue. Is a type of insurance, which rose 15-30% higher than the usual amount. ...That's why MOST film/TV producers WERE NOT coming to NEW YORK CITY. They is FEAR of another POSSIBLE terrorist attack in NYC. Hey, when I get on a bus or train, I have a momentary lapse of reason and think "is some LUANATIC going to blow me up today"? I look in the eyes of people and I see is the fear. Today, more than I can ever remember. We ARE all afraid, but LIFE GOES ON. Look at the Israeli's or Ireland and England in regards to the IRA bombing campaign in the 1970's & 80's....sad to say but is all: oh bla di, oh bla la la how life goes on....

  • ANOTHER round of SAG elections came and went. What are THOSE, who are in office and those running for office, GOING to do to help US, the DISENFRANCHISED actor, which makes up 85% of the membership. They who, do the SHITE work in ATTEMPT to earn their basic health benefit's, which rose 40% while the working class wage rose 3 BUCKS!! Whats wrong with that picture?? ...its a REAL national priorty... With the RAISING of the MININUM earning ceiling for HEALTH BENEFITS...Low to middle class ACTORS will be no worse than those AFGHANS living in the streets of Kabul with NOTHING'. A chilling image, yet sobering of a thought.
    How many US tax paying CITIZENS or actors do you know, who dont have health care? How many US tax paying CITIZENS PAY to be in a "TRADE UNION", where they have to PAY to be able NOT to work!! How many of those CITIZENS, will NOT EARN enough money to be ELIGABLE to make the lowest, TEIR II, for their BASIC health care. God forbid myself or someone I know should get sick, whose going to pick up the tab? The local hospial - walk into the ER, they stick you with a HEFTY bill of 400 bucks. Thats NICE, just to sit in a waiting room for 5 hours before getting any treatment/service...Hey, I pay my dues, and CONTINUE to pay my dues but lets face it, how much crap do WE have to take from SAG...They cry beacuse "Cost of the plan is too HIGH"..Well, get another health plan that will cover ALL DUES paying members...including the star and the below the line: working class, the background actor seeking dayplayer roles while doing showcases off B'way til they get a break. {i'm speaking of myself and the faceless others that came before me and YET to come}...The ones that work their "CRAFT"... BETTER yet there is a site that I just heard of and ALL actors should take a look at, We're ALL people trying to do the same thing. Be creative, Make movies and have a good quality of life in the process.. ARA and the other site is FINANCIAL CORE As I mentioned these are good places to look and see what the other half DOES not want u to know WHAT IT is doing. Thats SAG...they dont care because they dont have to. It only yOUR money... -
  • I dont know about you, but I'm VERY ANNOYED, ya know, pissed off at the crap thats been going on with THESE 'terror' threats. NOT only here in the US but worldwide. Now with the internet, we TRUELY are a global village. The world of the streets was ALWAYS a dangerous place, and it will CONTINUE to. Thats just the STATE OF NATURE. But for a short while there was a PEACEFUL co-existance of peoples in the world including Israel and Northern Ireland. That was just prior to 9-11...In today's post 9-11 world, should the USA be like Teddy Roosevelt's USA with the view "TALK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK" mantra of 100 years ago. Should the US & UK take those creating INSTABILITY in the world, especially the Middle East, out of power. Should the USA & UK install a type of MARSHALL PLAN, similar to post WW II Europe and implement it in the Middle East for stability?? So many questions, so little time...Let's get on with living our lives and CREATING a better life for OUR CHILDREN. Ya know, LIFE is an everyday struggle. NOW MORE than ever. The ability to EARN money is wanning. But to have orange or green warnings is a bit much...And if it was NOT for or I would NOT be reading this. Lets face it. Good bad or indifferent, Petroleum products [plastics], HAVE changed the world. Think this is a tree?? {Dont go there!!} This is NOT 1969. The world as we KNEW it, IS CHANGED. Innocence is lost in the information age. Most of us in the USA are children and grand children of immigrants. They came to the USA for MORE PERSONAL freedoms than what were in the old country. A better way of life...Including religious persecution, which is continuing today. Which AL-QUIDA is about....America has lost it's innocence on 9-11...we can only work HARDER to KEEP IT and get it back. Sure, give peace a chance, but first LETS MAKE THE PEACE.

    a public dervice announcement sponsored by CONCERNED CITIZENS FOR A BETTER WORLD

    In 9/99, Steve went to BOSTON, for a callback on a REGIONAL SPOT, When I got off the bus in NY, I noticed my DATEBOOK was gone. An 8 hour ride, ROUNDTRIP.Freakin' GREAT!! I thought. I had one good thing happen to me and I get knocked down. AGAIN. The book had nothing of monetary value in it. Just WHO he saw, WHAT, he did, WHERE he went,WHEN he saw them and WHY...
    HOWEVER, he did recieve a fonecall from a good samaratian, that found it and mailed it to him. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you< OPPOSED TO. Several months ago his knapsack was stolen. After a positive interview with a BIG agent. Inside the bag, was his 'book' for commercial print work. It had ALL the prints, negetives and one of a kind pictures. Never be seen again.

    I'd like to take this moment and give SINCERE thanks, to ALL of those BRAVE men and women, those who gave their lives trying to save others... those who tried to make the Sept. 11, 2001: WORLD TRADE CENTER attack/disaster just a little easier to digest..It's 5 years, wow... 5 years!! I will never forget!! There were 5 MEN, regular guys I knew who kissed their kids on the fore-head and went to work that day. They never came home. Died: Robert WACKA, Timmy McSweeeny, Chuck Margiotta, Stevie Olsen, Timmy Stackpole, ... AND those KIDS in IRAQ, They didn't ask to be there BUT are there for ALL of our sake...THANK YOU...

    Thanks for stopping by......DID U sign my guestbook?....

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