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This site has not been changed for some time, nor will it be.  It is the first stepping stone to opening our eyes into the past, and more sites (or additional stepping stones) are to follow to enlighten our future.

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This is a Stoahist Site
Galileo built his Theories upon Copernican Theories, the same way Busch built Stoahist Theory upon Barry Fell’s Diffusionist theory.  Galileo’s theories proved incorrect the teachings of “Protesters” of Copernican Theory so he was sentenced to life in prison by the academics of his time.  Copernican theories got out anyway: the truth had a way of rising to the surface.  Busch’s Theories proved incorrect the teachings of “Protesters” of Fell’s Theory so his works were sentenced to life without publication by the media of his time.  Busch’s theories got out anyway in Ancient American magazine and on the Internet: the truth still has a way of rising to the surface.

Stoahist theory finds commonality with Diffusionist Theory from which it was built, and bridges a gap between Diffusionism and “Protest” theory.  Protesting Diffusionist theory are those still loyal to History Theory put forward by Herodotus at 500 BC.  Herodotus with human failing formed the ancient History Theory exactly as taught today, at a time when Alchemy, Astrology, and Evil Spirits in Medicine were the modern science of his day.  It is known even Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton made mistakes: Herodotus placed Ice Bergs called Cyanean Islands in the Mediterranean resulting in his placing in the Black Sea area Asia, Pont, the River Ister, and other places that were up to that time references to places in North America.  Protesters still uphold and teach Herodotus’s ancient History Theory to our children in schools.

Stoahist theory seeks to change no one, only to educate and welcome those that can keep up.  Stoahist, Diffusionist, and Protestor should equally share with respect the pursuit of truth: humbled by knowing empirical knowledge changes over time.
That Which Defines Stoahist Theory
Stoahist theory starts in the past with the first boat built for intercontinental voyages, then using ancient secure texts (Often eye witness accounts.) and Ockham’s Razor moves toward the present: from the past to the present.  Predominately Protesters, attempting to solve riddles of the past, use evidence from broken pots and other garbage left behind to move back in time: from the present to the past.  Diffusionists use evidence gathered by Protesters, adding to this they spend a lot of time on their own research especially translating ancient texts on rock structures.  In movements from the past to the present, or vice versa, Diffusionist research can be omni directional in nature depending on what individual or group is presenting the material. 

Though valiant attempts have been made, Diffusionists, as compared to Protesters, have been disorganized since the death of the great Barry Fell.  Before 1 BC, Unlike Stoahist theory, in general Diffusionist research is still based on a concept of allegiance to Nationhood in Asia Europe and Africa handed down to them by Protesters, as opposed to allegiance to the latest Celt that has convinced the local population that he is a Man and a God sent to lead them. (Man-God)  Though the Celtic linage had long since disolved the Celtic Man God leadership tradition starting in the distant past before 3000 BC continued strong up to the time of the Roman Empire.  In many places such as Japan, though the Celtic linage had long since disolved, the Celtic Man God tradition of leadership continued into the 20th century.  Celtic Man Gods were referred to as Pharaoh, Manitou, Ramah, Chief, King, etc. depending on what part of the world thy controlled.  That is the explanation of the commonality found in literature, architecture, epigraphy, etc. world wide and not that every nation was in the ancient Americas as independent identities and for some unexplainable reason left, and all at the same time.

A Stoahist has accepted the published evidence of Busch that in the Great Lakes Basin is the one original location referred to as Punt, Pont, Puant, Puans, Patala, Valhalla, The Land of the Dead, and the Garden of Eden.

The symbol of Stoahist research is the Tin Fig Leaf Girdle found at Ketegaunseebee.

The errors of Herodotus, as evidenced in the Argonautica, (Especially, from the Argonautica, Asia being the land of Aia of Pont, before Herodotus.) were first put forward in Stoahist Theory.

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