A year unknown, fallen from mistakes and deaths forgotten... the sky ripped open and something we used to call and love as god struck down. All the books and the texts burned... the buildings... the money... all that was left was the dust on our bodies, the words in our mouths and the wild fear and blankness in our minds... Time passed, the smoke cleared and the iron and steel shells of the glorious metal beasts of long ago became our hats, our roofs, our dishes... but still the evil raged, and still I search the world for the paradise that once was.

    Then I fell into it... Decades ago became today.

    These are the sounds of the post-apocalypse for the post-modern. These are the rhythms and the screams of those you damned. This is the anger, the fear, the nocturnal joy, the metal rings and cries, the pale neon blue and violet and green swirls of dying, beautiful youth, cascading minds, and love and endorphines...

    This is the world that is coming, the nightmare you will have, the result of the promises you broke.

    Comparisons to NIN, Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, and Clan of Xymox come to mind, but there's something more to it -- there are new things... The concept of industrial / gothic / punk continues to evolve in this music.



None currently booked... check back often for upcoming shows.


[08.31.00]: August 31st. STOCKHOLM SYNDROEM performed with DIS|INS, Chapel Blaque and The End of Eve All at the Vault.
[08.09.00]: August 9th. STOCKHOLM SYNDROEM performed at the Eight by Ten.
[08.02.00]: August 2nd. STOCKHOLM SYNDROEM opened for the acclaimed gothic band The CRUXSHADOWS at the Vault.
[07.21.00]: Friday, July 21st. STOCKHOLM SYNDROEM performed at Club Orpheus in downtown Baltimore.
[06.30.00]: Friday, June 30th. STOCKHOLM SYNDROEM performed at Hal Daddy's in downtown Baltimore.

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