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Hello! Welcome to my little page. It has links that I think are interesting. Besides personal stuff of mine you'll find mathematics, science, skydiving, unusual authors and personages, and sundries. I'm sure most will find something of interest.

My job is teaching math at a college in New Mexico. If you want to see some links to math stuff, click here. My dissertation was on the subject of "fuzzy sets." This I treated as a playing field to do topology. If you want to know more about this then fly or drive to Moscow, Idaho, USA and find the library of the University of Idaho, go to the third floor back to the west side of the building in the math section just before you get to Cosmology next to the wall and look for a green-bound magazine-sized book somewhere in there. Look for my name on the spine. You can't miss it. It's called "A symmetry based decomposition and topologies on fuzzy numbers." Then read and digest it and report to me with a critique. Or else click here.

Among the wildest and funnest places in the world is the typical drop zone. The joy is palpable as people line up to board the plane that does not even have a door *to* close. Read my stories about jumping. For skydiving links, go here.

Mathematics: the queen of sciences | Art: hmmm
Skydive: it's only air | Writers: mostly obscure but good
Unusual : interesting

Disclaimer: Mathematics is a very dangerous thing to know a little about. I cannot be held accountable for collapsed bridges, pyramid schemes or credit card interest rates. Also skydiving is dangerous.

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