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North Atlantic Stockfish,
We are located in Iceland and USA producing first quality  fish. We have a new product called STOCKFISH-BITS
*Stockfishbits for your change!
*It has been proved that stockfish-bits has the same flavor as ordenary Stockfish!
What is Stockfish-bits?
Stockfish-bits is freshly caught fish which is dried in the open air or by open airdrier to the fresh Canadian air. Drying in the air removes all the fluids from the fish. Only the valuable constituents remain, in concentradet form. The fish is now sawn into convenient pieces and made suitable for consumpition. this high quality product is easily digestible and can be given as supplementary food or for a main meal.
Nutritious power food
Stockfish-bits is extremely nutritious. 1kg of stockfish-bits is equivalent to 5kg of fresh fish. So fo a main meal you only need 1/5th of the normal amount of fish or meat.
Stockfish-bits remains good to eat for a very long time provided it is kept in a cool and dry place(for example in a closed container or tin).
Stockfish-bits contains:
protein(71,3%), water(17,1%), fats(1,7%), salt(0,8%), calcium(2,3%), phosphor(3,4%), iodine(1,2mg per 100 gram) iron(2,7mg per 100 gram), calories(340), vitamins(B complex)
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Stockfish bits
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