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How does sentiment affect the stock market?
How do I use Charts to predict a stock's next move?

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What industry sectors are best to pursue right now?
Exactly what are options and how do I use them?
How can I trade foreign currencies on Forex?
How can I use Elliott Wave and Fibonacci in my stock market and forex trading
In this group, many of us follow the advice of Tony Carrion, founder of www.Market-Harmonics.com. The
trading philosophy of Market Harmonics is that mass psychology and the sentiment it produces determine how the markets behave. We encourage  all of you with similar interests to
visit the Group Site. This  is where we meet and communicate to discuss the use of market sentiment measures like Elliott Wave and other technical tools to anticipate changes in market conditions, thereby increasing our profits, whether trading stocks, options, futures or forex.
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Market Harmonics in partnership with Nostradamus invites you:
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