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"If you are into any form of charting or market theory, you want to be here. It's like being in a room with a team of professional traders. The most fun I've had in a long time.
Randall Paul May, 2001"

"Thanks for opening my eyes to technical analysis... There is no substitution to this experience. 
Robert Loo July, 2001"

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"yea just started using a.i. scan and have made a little, it works beautiful with the knowledge I have.  yep if this keeps working I can see a long a wonderful time thanks steve"

"learn G-MAN's style in 6 hour video series."
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"G-MAN's amazing calls for longs and shorts"

Join G-MAN in the Chat Room

Our real time chat room is hosted by G-MAN himself, and provides you with stock alerts, trend changes before they happen, help with your trades, and insights into what the institutions are doing and about to do!

Membership benefits:

  • Stock, Index and Option Trading Picks
  • Live Real-Time Chat Room
  • Market Analysis and Commentary
  • Play the Morning GAPS
  • Trading Opportunities Daily
  • Tech Picks Daily
  • Risk Management
  • How to Protect your Gains and cut you loss
  • Password access from any internet browser

G-MAN's CNBC Interview

"Thanks-Most profitable Day Trading of my life and this is only day #2 here!" GregP (See March 22 log)

"this chatroom has been very useful to me, thank you sir , your help is appreciated"  - Sayed (3/20/02)(See March 20 log)

"I used to own a daytrading firm, I have seen a lot but this is the best i've seen" P.Greene
(See March 18 log)

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This website is one of the leading trading destinations for investors, traders, and brokers. We give members access to some of the best kept secrets on Wall Street. Smart trading, and MAKE MONEY! 

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