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Stoic Place (Dr. Jan Garrett)
Stoic Philosophy of Mind (Scott Rubarth)
Stoic Guidelines (Dr. Gordon Ziniewicz)
Stoa del Sol (Beatrix Murrell)
Stoic Philosophy (Paul Lecorde)
Stoicism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
The Ecole Initiative: Stoicism
Ancient and Modern Stoicism and Stoic Resources (Douglas Moore)
Philosophy of Antonious (George Long)
Dr. Z on Epictetus (Dr. Gordon Ziniewicz)
Sophia Project
The Rebirth of Stoicism? (Dr. William O. Stephens)
Introduction to Stoic Ethics (Michael S. Russo)
Stoicism - A School of Thought
Stoic Non-Attachment
Foundations of Stoic Ethics
Rules and Reasoning (Brad Inwood)
Reason, Rationalization and Happiness in Seneca (Brad Inwood - PDF File)
Back to the Stoics: Dynamical Monism as the
Foundation for a Reformed Naturalism (James Barham - PDF File)

Facing things Stoically (Richard Sorabji)
Fate in the Enchiridion and Oedipus Rex (Andrea Bangert)
Epictetus in Early Modern Europe (Chris Brooke - PDF File)
The Stoic Origin of Natural Rights (Phillip Mitsis - PDF File)
Educating the Stoic Warrior (Nancy Sherman- PFD File)

International Stoic Society

Stoic Registry

International Stoic Forum
Stoic Foundation Forum
Stoic Practice Forum
International Stoic Society Forum
Stoic Commons
Stoiciamici (French)

Stoic Foundation

Electronic Journals
Stoic Voice

Thus Spoke Epictetus (daily quote via e-mail)

Audio/Video Clips
Roman Stoicism, Aurelius, and Epictetus
More from Epictetus
Emperor and Slave

Book Reviews
A New Stoicism, Becker
Stoic Studies, Long
The Stoic Idea of the City, Schofield
The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Hadot
Epictetus, Discourses Book 1, Dobbin

Zeno and the Beginning of Stoicism
Cleanthes (Great Teachers Series)
Chrysippus (Great Teachers Series)
Posidonius (Great Teachers Series)
Epictetus (Great Thinkers of the Western World - PDF File)
Epictetus (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Epictetus (Great Teacher Series)
Marcus Aurelius (Great Thinkers of the Western World - PFD File)
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius (Stephens)

Hymn to Zeus

Enchiridion (T. Higginson transl.)
Enchiridion (E. Carter transl.)
Enchiridion (N. White transl.)
Enchiridion (Modern)
Enchiridion (Modern - Colloquial)
Enchiridion (Contemporary Interpretation w/comments)
Discourses (Constitution Society)
Discourses (Internet Classics Archive)
Discourses & Enchiridion (Concordance)
Golden Sayings

[Marcus Aurelius]

Moral Essays
Moral Epistles

De Officiis