Welcome to my amazing web page !!!
Welcome to Pete's Web page,

This web page is just about me, and the stuff that interests me its nothing special, it just started off as a college assignment and its just got bigger! any way as you can tell all ready im a Stoke City fan and always will be! also im interested in Extreme Championship Wrestling which went under in January 2001 but I still live in the hope that it will return to the way it once was!

The links at the bottom of the page are the topics which my page is based on. The Stoke City Page is all about the best football club in the world!, The ECW Page is just my way of saying goodbye to the best thing ever to happen in wrestling history. The Leek Youth Page thing is my college assignment that got me started its about stuff to do in Leek (or the bus time table out of it) and there's a small bit about me there if your interested!. My Guestbook!

Click here this is my guestbook say what ever you want about any thing you want!

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