~Ashlie~ i miss my wifey!!!!! no more living so far away from me!!!! i love ya chica.... :)
~Melissa~ hey girly!!! kinda weird how we are all back where we started in this hell-hole eh? maybe someday you'll get a car that works. lol

~Michelle~ desi is sooo cute! i miss partyin with you, so sometime soon maybe you can get a babysitter and we can party like the old days... hahah
~Derek~ aka tha master of gettin beads. lmao... i miss ya, and hopefully i'll get up to ND soon to see you guys
~Jenkins~ i dont know what to say chica. we've had some good talks. thanks for listening. horsejorodinon rules!
~Jared(Slim)~ hey babe! look i got you on the shout-outs page! so quit your bitchin! hahah i dont know if you will ever let me an ashlie come visit you again! lmmfao... maybe next time there are 2 chicks watchin porn in your living room, you should stay awake....
~Liz F.~ my eighth when you gonna come get smashedly drunk in the bar an fall all over again? lmao...
~Meagan~ i am so happy shit is worked out... now you get to go to school with all of us! yay! lol :)
~Cami~ i love ya to death baby girl!!!!!! you are my favorite goofy!!!!!
~Timothy Andrew~ you are my best friend and always will be. i miss you terribly!!!! i hate the army! only a lil less then two years to go.....
~To all yall little sluts out there~ you are fucking stupid! you deserve to be hated on by anyone and everyone no matter what you think. 
~Toad~ well ya know, besides the hot dog down a hallway incident you are damn skippy. lol. the hotel is always great fun... hahaha orgy on the bed! i got the picture to prove it!
~Matt~ i stole those beads fair and square on graduation night, i never should have had to pay them off... but obviously toad thought so... lmfao...
~Michael David~ well kid, you are still pretty cool shit, even tho you get weird after 11:27.... i will miss you next year when you go away to college!!!!!!!! :( but i will visit lots and lots
~Michael Sean~ hey babe! so when am i gonna stay over again?!?! haha, i told you the whole town would think that! but oh well! your baby boy is adorable!
~Chris~ (kissyfer!) hey you, well i'm glad that me an you and ashlie talked, and that we came to see you, cause i love hangin out with you!
~Ricky~ hey pimp.. lol... you can't make money off me anymore!!!! ... how's about another snowball to the nuts? lmmfao, i really really didn't mean to do that i promise...
~Brady~ the quiet one,  that doesn't like to be my bitch... haha, well it works out i guess... you are pretty cool shit :P
~Miranda~ well so what if you have demented thoughts... i still got nothin but love for ya!!!!!!! hahahah, there's nothin wrong with a lil eye candy now an again, or gettin smashed on a wednesday night. lmfao
~Jill~ stalking isn't bad.... lol... and there is always time to go to bob dylans house and/or get lost. an someday you an your lil hottie will hook up. :P it'll be great... or we'll just continue driving by his house in other people's cars!

~!*To anyone  i missed, i am sorry, just yell at me and eventually i will get you on here, (might take awhile th
Gotta have Spongebob and Patrick on the site!!!!!!! Spongebob rules!!!!!!!!!!
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