The Down Low

Thank you for visiting my webpage. I have created this page for people like me that are interested in the fine art of vehicle customization. Here are a few picture's of cars that I personally liked.
The first few are the basic cars used in vehicle customization and that is the Impala These next few are also good choices because of their size and that is the escort Here are a few other mixed pictures of cars that I liked Paint jobs and gold rims are a good start to any car
Here are a few links to sites that I thought were perfect for this subject
The Bump Stop

Basic Knowledge Tools needed for installations. Upgrading Advanced Knowledge Types of systems Another must have in the world of customizing is a really loud system to wake the neighbors. The first thing you need for a system is a set of good subwoofers. The next thing is probably a high powered Amplifier Now all you need is to put it all Together Here are a few sites to get the feel for what a great system would cost

Absolute Car Stereo
Car Audio Expert

There are lots of ways to customize cars and these are just a few. Now here is just a little bit about Me.

This site is intended to stimulate the mind and help keep this wonderful hobby alive.


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