American Beauties

My site would not have been complete without an American page. I could not put another Julie picture here so I chose Gene for her stunning beauty. At the time of that picture , I would have paid to use her toothbrush. But I am getting carried away; let us go back to stompboxes.

There are a lot of things I like about Mutron pedals :  Nice colors, sturdy cases , full sounds , foolish instructions sheets -see the incredible equation for the phasing-,  cool endorsers. I saw one day in Marseilles a Mutron wha for $50 and I did not buy it. I was not in the mood and did not know at that time it was the SHAFT THEME wha. H ow much I regret it! In the same shop, there was a bi-phase 2 months ago. Price tag: $400. Eeeek!!! The collector good times are over.

C'est magnifix ! For this rendition of the famous Electro-Harmonix theme, I chose some hard-to-find boxes. The poly-chorus &  frequency analyzer have been reissued  while that  deluxe octave multiplixer with its fuzz switch remains obscure. I really love the EH stuff because it was ubiquitous in my teen age time  and  as soon as I got some money , I bought one. Sometimes it was crap  such as the zipper that was so hard to dial in , you sometimes got stuck with a fixed frequency no matter what you play. But I will never forgot the first time I heard someone playing through an electric mistress. Suddenly I was Ulysses listening to the mermaids.
If you lived through a similar experience , I suggest you go and see my friend RON the famous Electro-Harmonix man at:
He will show you all his knowledge and passion for that sheet metal wonders in his ultra cool site.

Better known for their guitars and amps , the Fender factory could not resist the stompbox epidemic . They came out with these 3 motley beauties that failed to fire brand our sonic memories. In this process, they stole the idea of a giant pot for the feet to Mr.Jennings. Admit it, the stompbox world is the only industry where wacky and unsuccessful finds are served again and again , even if  musicians  are still not hungry for them. Some folks like the Blender, but then again every distortion is a cool distortion.

It is not a secret I love preamps. Louder is a magic word for me. I remember when I was younger , I used to turn the volume of my guitar down for PA check, so I can turn it up whenever  I wanted, a nightmare for the engineer . The DOD overdrive/preamp 250 is one of my favorite and they are still present today with the FET black preamp, whatever its name is . This also means that DOD is one of the few '70 stompbox company that is still in the business strong and happy. Good. I particularly liked their 'trend named' pedals like  meat box and grunge even if I never tried them. I also own an old GSP5 I used for only one jazz preset which, maxed ,gives a monstrous fuzz sound with an indecent noise to level ratio. Cool.

This was the Rolls-Royce of stompboxes, the 'haut-de-gamme'. Rare and very expensive in France ( 1 mxr flanger  cost 3 deluxe mistresses ),  I consider myself lucky to own this little collection. I would LOVE to find the MXR DISTORTION II with its 4 pots and 220v that seemed to be a very serious tube impersonator.
These boxes were the inspiration of my beloved CORON pedals , not to say rip-off.
You should see them at my
Obscure Japanese page.
The plastic boxes are not bad but I should loose at least 15 pounds to use them safely on stage. Hard. The big black metal Dyna-comp is absent from this picture because I like it so much I must dedicate an entire web page to it. Stay tuned.
You can see an intruder here: it is the ROSS phaser with its cool recessed pots. I am working in finding a CHANDLER tube driver. Now all that I have to do is locate a pedal named TRIBIANI and we are done.

Don't you love untranslatable jokes? You sweat to find the word and end up with a complete flop saying 'In Bulgarian , it's so funny'. Well here we are: we have a special famous joke in French involving Elvis Presley and a forgotten French actress named Gaby Morlaix.  So every time we see a Morley pedal, we think about the King, while it is uncertain one of his guitarist could have used one. We are so far from the Less-lie explanation it's painful.
I also own the echo monster. My repairman is trying to find in secrecy some kind of liquid to fill the drum which suffered from leakage.  'Please don't ask me what it was'.  Otherwise , I love to use Morley Wha pedals as a manual phaser for slow song. Try it. Special mention to the cute compact series Wha.

Maestro pedals are so rare in France, that I think these demoiselles were brought in some guitar tourist suitcase from a flower power trip in the Bay area.
The old fuzz is so horrendous  you think somebody stole your amp and replaced it  with a cheap Chinese AM radio. Great. The newer one is much better sounding and its stomp process always amazes me: you have to switch the entire pedal on, like an alligator jaw. And we are still in front of
pots for the feet but in a milder way. The phaser is more organ than guitar in all the senses but is famous because Mr.Oberheim invented it. Pots for the feet. I think I just found my next band name.


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