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Brandy Stoner
Brandy Stoner has devoted her life to children since her teen years -- as a preschool teacher, puppeteer, storyteller, public speaker, advocate, librarian, tutor, literacy and scholarship organization volunteer, caregiver, and mother.

In addition to writing for children and their parents, she facilitates poetry workshops, and plans to launch an online poetry journal, which will feature an annual poetry competition for teens. She recently completed a stint as a staff proofreader and writer for (Sorry, the site has been closed down, so links are no longer available.)

Stoner began writing poetry while still a child, stopped, and resumed her creative efforts after a divorce. Within a year of resuming writing as a vocation, Brandy Stonerís articles and poems were published over 50 times.

The conflicts in her personal life - as a mother, daughter, sister, wife - fuel and inspire her poetry. Stonerís work comes from the heart of a woman who has struggled with depression, abuse, and chronic pain. A woman who had to overcome the voices of those who had convinced her she had nothing worthwhile to say.

She champions children's and women's issues, and advocates for domestic violence survivors and civil rights. In addition to occasionally acting in community theater and offbeat student films, Ms. Stoner dabbles in sculpture and found-object art.

She was accepted in 2005 as a Writer-in-Residence at the Woodstock Guild's Byrdcliffe Artists Colony. Her young daughter and cat live in a little crooked house in Oklahoma, where she is completing a degree in English(Education). Links to some of her articles and poems are available to your left. If you would like to purchase articles for your website from the author, check out her listings on , or contact her directly for assignments.

If you write for children, take a look at becoming a member of SCBWI. Link available at left.

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Brandy Stoner
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