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Saturday, May 29th 2004
9:45 p.m. US Central Time

I guess you're wondering why the site is rather..well...bare. Well, it finally happened. I guess. I got a set-up at an Invisionboard (yeah, free boards, I'm a cheap bastard) and moved the site there. It's easier, as it isn't as ignorant as Geocities tends to be. So, I'll post a link there, and you can browse more than just the Frieza Talk Show and Ms. Swan Interviews, but also the crazy antics of some of the registered members. And hell, you can sign up and post too, registration is free!

I'll leave the links to the old archive of the Episodes and Interviews up, as well as the Guest Book. Otherwise, this site is open only as a redirect to the new forums. So, I hope to see all five of this site's viewers there!

~Derek "Fryza" Deiter
Webmaster A

Saturday, November 20th 2004
3:11 p.m. US Central Time

Yeah, just reminding people that this site has moved. So, for all those visiting this site, it is probably in your best interest to go to the new location, and register for the board. Though it is not needed, it is just a way to help things out. There have been quite a few episodes added, and we're currently working on fixing show indexs and histories. I know this site is still viewed through most online searches, which kinda sucks too. Anyway, hope you join..

~Derek "Fryza" Deiter
Webmaster A.
Link to the new site: The Frieza Talk Show
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