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holla ppl! Welcome to this flash of my real/hot/amazing/dirty new (comin soon) website, i hope u like this /tmp "one page" site which i'll update the nite i can (yes i live at nites ;), so keep in touch!!. meanwhile if u would like 2 make contact, give opinnion, gifts, code, apologies, stuff, etc i guess u know how find me ;) always urs - $me.
lastest news:
  • may 2002:
    • day 5: i'm so happy about how the peruvian free software law is going :)
      hummm oh maybe most of u already know (this is really quite old news) but i've cut my hair!!!! omg omg omg omg!!! :P~
      everything else is fine and im working on another more ambicious project ;)
  • apr 2002:
    • day 6: geez it's quite a long long nite :)
      - well i have to say that i have more shots (as u asked for) i'm here to make my customers happy ; ) hehehehe, just bring me ur feedback. pd: i'll _not_ show u my private areas : P
      - this was a hard week : ( so i think i'll sleep the most i can, don't u wanna giveme some company? i promise i'll respect u >:) my plans r just run this harmless script:
      for i in /you/*; do touch $i; done
      hehehehe : P~
      - and this goes for u, she knows who i'm talkin about ; ) i love u so much!!!
      - that's all i guess, i'm gonna play quake III :P~~~ bye bye
  • mar 2002:
    • day 31: well, i'm back again! :)
      - i've almost finished one of my projects (the KeRNeL PaNiK portal) i'm excited about that, if everything goes fine, i think it will be online in a few days ; )
      - i wanna show u these shots of my desktop running debian 3.0, looks greats does it? ; )
      - i miss u : (
    • day 21: it's quite a long time since i don't update this page, what happenned? nuthin but some boring stuff and job (yuk), but i'm doing fine and i hope i can update this next weekend if i have some free time. what i'm doing actually? besides missing u, anything ; ) (of course this is not for everybody, just for a very special girlie)
      btw: there will be good stuff soon, stay tunned!
    • day 8: congress forum was a great sucess!, we didn't expect that massive concurrence of people who was interested on the subject. The most interesting history is the speech of the congress president who show us his interest and knowledgment about the subject, and i think that is an important thing to remark, and will give a strong support in order to make this law approved. Here is a brief of the event.
    • day 6: local activists and of course i, will go to congress for a public audience and forum about the Free Software law, as this is public we expect propietary software corps. guys. btw: local office of M$ sent a fax to the congressman with sum funny stuff and asked him for a meeting yesterday, more news soon ; )
    • day 2: well march is here, i'm still @ air, but i'm feelin fine and this little program shows u what i mean! ; )
  • feb 2002:
    • day 26: march is upcomin and at this time i don't know what exactly i'll do tomorrow ; ), but i'm feelin fine and everythin else doesn't matter, but some ppl i care about, they bring the light into my life, i just can be thankful to 'em! : )
    • well, yesterday was a _important_ day for activism and for our local LUG, we started our stuff and there will be sum news hehe ;), let met tell u that it was funny hehe, with sum stories and stuff.
    • i think i'm going to congress >:O, no no i didn't do anything bad, calm down, don't worry ;). i'm just going to support this free software law project and meet this congress man who have amazed us :)
    • there's a little change on page since the last version, i've added more links in order to give u the whole picture about what i'm tryin to say, click/check the linkz, it's free! ;). btw: i hope u can share a nice week, this week always looks pinky geeezz :P, well if u can enjoy it, do it!
    • u better listen the GNU song, is the coolest song i ever heard!!! :D, well today/yesterday (doesn't matter) was a good day, i'm feelin pretty fine :)
    • i'm gettin politically involved into GNU & Free Software evangelization :), i think i'll write sum papers also.
  • jan 2002:
    • at this time there is no news, i'm doin fine and workin on the new site and sum other projects.
    • sometimes ... sometimes ... nevermind
    • today i came up with this new look for the page :D, i'm trying to find a new nice lookin for the site project!
    • i've add my geekCode, if u r wondering "what the heck does that shitty means?" get away! j/k, well, yes is another of my weird stuff ;D. But if u would like 2 know sum more about, u can askme trough the ways u have 2 or u can go here.
  • dec 2001:
    • i'd like to wish all u ppl a nice and great new year, go get drunk/high/laid, whatever u like to do ;)
    • i'm startin to re-think about this whole sh*t, so i'll give u sum news soon.
  • oct 2001:
    • i've take down diz page cuz i was sick of watchin' the same sh*t all the time, i'll bring it back the moment when i found a reason 4 :P
    • u can still enjoy the Mar de Copas - the.tribute web.
    • i'm working on the new release of the site and tryin' 2 make sum money in order 2 put the site on a better server with lots of features.
    • this page will b updated everytime i could, so keep in touch!.
    • i got back to the roots of "pestifero y maloliente rock N roll", i got new lyrics on mind and paper

$ Last update: 5 May 2002 @ like 1am :) $
$ next release: when i think it worths!
$ me = sTone_heAd

  • The Congress project is becoming more and more public, this time we finally got a slashdot post!, which is here for the records :)
  • Microsoft Peru have sent this letter to the congressman owner of the initiative of law, but as is expected here is the response to them, where u will see how M$ is totally beated as a bad bitch lol ;) have fun!
  • we are going to support this congress project which is meant to promote the use of Free Software in Peru!
  • there were sum good times, so i hope i could move this stuff into my own domain ;).
  • we'r looking new HOT bootylicious female models, so if u would like 2 b part of the new staff and become really famous plz send me tons of nice full body pix shots and sum bio info. thanx hoties!!! ;)~~
  • i'm looking sum kind of sponsor in order 2 support our freaky job ;)
  • how I wish, how I wish you were here. we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, running over the same old ground - Pink Floyd
  • in the beginning, there were _real_ programmers - esr
  • why does my heart feels so bad, why does my soul feel so bad...
  • i'm only here to bring u freelove, let's make it clear that this is freelove, no hidden catch, no strings attached... just freelove - Depeche Mode
  • ain't meant to work, come on build machines!, so we can live for our pleasure, please yourself, please your queens!!! - Jane's Addiction
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  • Hang the blessed deeJay, Because the music that they constantly play It says nothing to me about my life - The Smiths
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <love.h>  

int main(void) 
int i; 
while (i>0) { 
   printf("i only wanna love u\n"); 
while (1) {
   printf("i only wanna fly with you\n");
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