These are the various role playing characters I play in settings among AOL and Internet.  Feel free to visit each character's web page.  See something you like, or wish to make a comment, good or bad.  Please, email me.
Lady Midnight Tavish, played on AOL in a setting called MTW Ardia.
And an MSN community called Elyndra.
Lord Bryneth Escrissar. Midnight's son, whom I play in both setting's also.
Lady Heather Olwyn, whom I play on AOL in the setting called Illyria.
Galaxy Vaine, whom I also play in a Sci-fi setting called New York City 2063.
Earl Christopher Panthas, whom I also play in the setting called Illyria.
Lily Moone, whom I play strickly in the MTW Adria setting.
Aspen Creed-Garrett,  a Sci Fi character I play in my own setting New York City 2063
Characters for the Medieval Times War Setting-Adria and MSN Community setting Elyndra.
Characters I play in the Medival Times War Setting-Illyria setting.
Characters I play in my own setting New York City 2063
Illyria Message Boards -On AOL Only
NYC 2063 Web Page
Medieval Times Web Page
Medieval Times War Message Boards- On AOL Only.
Elyndra Web Page-MSN Community
NYC Message Boards
Illyria's Web Page
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