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   January 13, 2002

   I finally got around to updating my web page.  I also

   added a Tribute to Game Babes page.

   June 23, 2001

   Added a movie review section covering all the movies

   I could remember watching this summer.

   June 22, 2001

   Updated all the other pages except my files page.

   June 21, 2001

   I remade my index page and updated several other pages

   as well...hope you enjoy.

   June 6, 2001

   I have added a section dedicated to my fave anime babes.                                

   June 3, 2001

   I have updated my Anime page.  All my favorite anime

   have been ranked.                                                                                                                                       

   May 24, 2001

   I added this mouse trail script cause I thought it looked

   damn cool.

   May 23, 2001

   I just added a Forum to my page.  Go test it out and let me

   know how you like it.

   May 21, 2001

   Please email me at if you find 

   any problems with my page.  Thank you.


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