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Welcome to the online

One Source Temple

Who or what is the One Source Temple?  That's usually the first question of every visitor to our site.

One Source was founded on the premise that every faith directed towards the Divine, regardless of the supporting religious system or the name they apply to that Divine, emanates from one source of power.

We do not believe that the Source is separate and distinct from us a living beings, but rather exists and flows through all things.

Sure, many of you have heard of this premise before and even found religious systems that are built around it.  One Source is different in that our focus is educational & caring, rather than promoting a system of religious practice.

We encourage you to read through our article collections, and see how One Source differs.

The founding principles of One Source are:

  1. All Gods are one...the Source

  2. Religion is a support tool, not a faith

  3. Tolerance requires education

  4. Faith is a personal, individual issue

  5. No one is unworthy of love

  6. All life contains the Source

  7. Freedom of faith is critical to survival

Our founder, Rev. "Stone" Mason, has traveled over many religious system paths in his life and met people of many more.  In learning, searching, & pursuing the "truth" of faith, his discoveries brought him to the above principles.  It is in these principles, Rev. Mason tells us, that we will find peace within and amongst ourselves.

According to the Reverend, whether you claim to be Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, or any other religion or one of the hundreds of divisions of them, these principles still apply to the search for peace.

News and Networking

This section is dedicated to headlines & happenings in the world of faith & religion, as well as providing some Internet resources for you to network with others.

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   We encourage everyone who is studying faith as a personal effort to constantly seek understanding of themselves and others.  Here are some of our recommendations for further learning.  Enjoy.


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