VISIT THE Best ska band in the states, check out these three fine ladies from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I give u SALTY LEMONS!!!
Yo! got some pictures on this page (bit sketchy!) Stone Monkey skankin it up with Maze Hills James Essam and Luis Lalor. Just like to take this on behalf of Stone Monkey to thank all u Dickheads! that make are lives what they are and make these the days we will all ways remember!!!

Big Shout out to Maze Hill for inspirin us and helping us out  and givin us free booze! (were still better than  them though!!)  Johns Coach house for being a costant source of inspiration and drinkin hole!! The Guyz at kingswood , pastie, Fattty Ken, Wig, Maxy, Egg, Nick, Jacko and Ginger Henry, Timmy M, Chinky, Noodles, Fatty Tim, the Magniacs, Ias and every one else we have forgotten!!! The music that has inspired us to get of our Butts and play.
Sublime, OPM, Less than Jake, Millencolin, Pennywise, NOFX,Foo Fighters, RATM , Spunge and all the other bands that slipped my mind! The Salty Lemons! for puttin our link up.
Sit back relax, and thanks for the best dayz of our LIVES!!
Cheers, James..........
Dom Jams out  the beats as Luis and James SKANK IT UP!
Full on STONEMONKEY!at Battle of the Bands 2001.