What you hear:  Kyuss - Capsized
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What this is:  Windows has a screwy way of checking all parts of the hard drive it accesses for physical damage beforehand (which is where Windows' notoriety for being a resource whore comes from) so I wrote this little patch that blocks that particular line of code.  If your box seems a little laggy, this should help tremendously (unless it's a problem related to your shitty video card's limitations, n00b).  Close down any anti-virus software you may have running or else the patch will be detected as a foreign (and presumably dangerous) executable and you'll have to do it over.  This is important because it's the only way you can make the patch work for you.  Don't shoot me over it though - I can't help the fact that Microsoft has convinced every anti-virus company in existence to blacklist all unsanctioned patches.  But rest assured my friends, this patch has been tested and found to be verifiably solid, bug-free, and damn helpful. Enjoy!
Windows Smoove Operator 1.1