Christopher K Stoner
Weaving your blanket of Freedom
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"The meek SHALL inherit the Earth....
     The rest of us will reach the Stars."
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Career in Review:
-Recieved my Commission in May '88
-Graduated Undergraduate controller training  May 89
-Stationed Southwest Air Defence Sector, March AFB, CA
    - May 89 thru Dec 93 - until it closed
    - Weapons Director
    - Weapons Assignment Officer
    - Instructor Interface Conrol Officer
- Stationed: 81st Air Control Squadron, Kadena AB, Okinawa
    - Jan 94 thru Sep 96 - until it closed.
    - Weapones Director
    - Senior Director
    - Flight Commander
    - Director of Operations
- Stationed: 964th AWACS - until OCT 00
    - Instructor Air Surveillance Officer
    - Flight Commander
    - Deputy Chief of Readiness
- Stationed: 9AF Combat Operations - Oct 00 until Apr 04
    - Defensive Duty Officer/Theater Missile Defense Officer
- Stationed: 965th AWACS:
- APR04 - ??
- Mission Crew Commander
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"Been There - Done That " T-shirt and Hat Awards
Saudi (8 Times)             Turkey (4 Times)       Crete Afghanistan
Italy                             Austria             Egypt Qatar
Germany                      England Iraq
Iceland                         Canada UAE
Mexico                         Panama Jordan
Guam                           Japan Kuwait
Korea                           Thailand Oman
Netherlands                   Scotland Bahrain
Personal Issues:
   Look at my other pages to get an Idea of my hobbies and interests