FBI Special Agent and FBI Lab, 30 years-retired
Licensed Private Investigator
Handwriting Expert
Document Examiner
Licensed Security Guard
Don Butler is a Licensed Private Investigator, Licensed Security Guard, a Document Examiner, and Handwriting Expert. He has over 35 years experience conducting criminal, civil, and intelligence investigations for the FBI, U.S. Government agencies,
and private corporations.
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All types of investigations
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Background Investigations
Pre-employment Investigations
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Criminal Defense Investigations
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Due Dilligence Investigations
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Shoe Print & Tire Tread Examinations
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Forensic Exams
While working with the television media, he actively did follow-up investigative reporting and consulting to the media on the Oklahoma City Bombing. As a private investigator, he has been involved in a nationwide effort to locate missing children. He has been involved in numerous efforts to locate missing people.
While in the FBI, he became a court-recognized and qualified expert in several areas. He is an expert on automobile related violations, such as thefts, title alterations, and odometer roll-backs; in addition, he is a questioned document examiner and handwriting expert.
While an FBI Special Agent, FBI Lab Technician, Private Investigator, U.S. Government Investigator, Insurance Investigator, Investigative Reporter, and Investigative Consultant to the television media, he conducted all types of investigations.
A native of Oklahoma, he is a college graduate, with pre-engineering studies and graduate work. He is a former Adjunct Professor, Computer Technician, and Certified teacher in four different teaching areas.
General Employee Thefts
Fraud and White Collar Crime
Workplace Violence
Drugs in the Workplace
Computer Thefts
Business Crisis & Business Interruptions
Internet Crimes & Intranet Crimes
Unethical Business Conduct
Sexual Harassment--EEOC
Threats and Stalkers
DBI is affiliated with a world-wide network of former FBI Special Agents, Federal Investigators, and experts in many different fields of expertise. Some of these are: RFFI ( www.RFFI.com ) and INTELNET ( www.INTELNET.org ).
Contact DBI at 405-722-9886, P.O. Box 721336, OKC, OK 73172 or by e-mail at lonepine@ionet.net. All inquiries and investigations are completely confidential.