Updated October 2007
Sessions are underway in the Lumley Camp, check out the new offerings at www.myspace.com/tedlumley
The new Stone Wilson Site is up at www.myspace.com/thestonewilsonsite and provides another outlet for the music and interaction.
Ted Lumley of Stone Wilson is back with his solo release entitled
"Duo Split-Point".  Preview songs & get more info at
Order a copy via email at laribee@3web.net
--------------------STONE WILSON--------------------

Thanks for the postitive reviews at garageband.com.  We made the top 100 performance rating list for 'Long Enough'.

The final definitive release of Stone Wilson is available for your collection on the album 'The Lost Sessions'.

It includes such late 90's hits as 'Rupert Ruxley' and 'Long Enough' while satisfying hardcore fans with rare, previously unreleased studio material.

Special thanks to KG Productions for their fine production environment, as well as to Wayne Porter for his tireless touring with and biographing of the band over the years.

Order 'The Lost Sessions' today via email at
laribee@3web.net or download select songs at the band's site at garageband.com
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