Vermin or Goodbeast

You are going down a river with the crew you are currently a member of. Your navigator was reading the map up side down and told the steer beast to take a wrong turn. Instead of taking the calm, wide stream that leads to the ocean, you and all the beast aboard the ship are unaware that all of you are traveling down a stream that would surely bring you close to death if not to the Dark Gates.

After traveling about an hour down the wrong stream, the lookout spotted rapids. Your large ship could not possibly slip through the small stream unscathed. It would be unrecognizable with all of the holes the rocks would inflict on it! The captain yelled out orders for all oar beasts (or slaves) to paddle back as fast as the could, but it there was no hope; the stream's current was too strong! The ship hit the first big rock and sprung a giant hole in the hull while several beasts on the deck fell to their deaths. The ship had been going down the rapids for a few minutes when the rocks in the streams started to become smaller. Soon, there were not any rocks sticking out of the stream, but you started to hear a constant roar.

The boat was starting to sink and all of the below decks were full of water, so every beast came up onto the decks with their possessions. You decided to escape the crowd, so you headed up to the crow’s nest. It was empty because the lookout was thrown off the ship. You started to look around at the scene; a river running in-between a forest, it was so peaceful except for that constant roar that kept on growing louder. You looked down at the river and noticed that there was a enormous drop. You started to head down from the crow’s nest to tell everyone, but slipped. You hit your head and passed out.

You woke up and you heard two voices, a otter’s and a hare’s. “Do ya’ think this ones alive, mate?”

“The chap seems to be alive enough to me. What should we do with it though, me gel?”

“Let’s bring ‘em back to the keep.” That was all of their conversation you heard because you passed out again.

When you woke up, you were lying in a bed. The room that you were in looked alot like an infirmary, but some of the patients were making weapons. A healer came over to you and gave you some food. He told you that you were wanted at the main gate after you finish your food. You gobbled up your food quickly and asked how to get to the gate. When you found out, you headed down to the gates.

When you got down to the gate, a giant, black otter greeted you. “ Hello, mate. Names Loner. I'm the warlord at this here keep. I see ya’ got better. Now, I need ta know if yor’ a vermin or goodbeast? Ya’ know, mate, bad or good?

Vermin or Goodbeast

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