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About Me:

Hello! I'm the super hyper pranking silly insane cheese-loving really tiny and hyperactive black and green alchemic elemental energy dragon that is really hyper and forgetful and redundant and likes to repeat myself and likes to repeat myself so that my posts go on and on and on forever but I'm really nice and gentle never angry and always laughing and sort of a hippy but without the drugs and alcohol and hair and busses because something about chickens and...um...what was I talking about..? oh yeah I was saying hello! I'm the super hyper pranking silly insane cheese-loving really tiny and overactive black and green alchemic elemental energy dragon...oh and my name is Draco!

 Draco the Dragon.

My Interests:

I like to read, play video games, and play with my friends online in chat rooms or forums. And CHEESE!

My Personality:

I'm a very nice person to everyone I meet. if i think i can help you, i probably will. I dont discriminate against anybody, and am an emotional healer.


Cheese. Friends. Happy music. Rain. Making others happy. Small animals and bugs. Miniature things.


Lack of cheese. Cold. Mean people. Needles. Pain. Hunger.


My godfather. Jacree. Indiana Jones. Batman. My friends.


Politicians. Greed. Hate. Violence.


To finish my Forum Movie project.

To become emotionally stable.

To learn to see auras better.

To astral project.

To shape shift into my dragon self.

To help others do the same.

To one day restore peace to the universe.

My Archetype:

I am the silly, naive friendly soul. Always honest, I follow my instincts. I am caring and sensitive, but i act strong to avoid being picked on. And when i need to be, i actually am very strong to support my friends.

Here are a few characters I think i am most like:

Casper He is a friendly little ghost, only wanting to make others happy. He is kind of shy, afraid to be hurt for being different.

Dale This little chipmunk is a friendly, silly little guy! Always having fun, not too bright though.

Dory She does not worry about anything and just enjoys being alive. Plagued with bad memory, she may not remember you but she will be happy to meet you...again.

Genie A very kind and gentle genie, he is very happy but also very lonely. He is friendly to just about everyone, his friends are more valuable than gold.

Hammy He is a HYPER little squirrel! Very trusting, he is loyal and happy all the time. He is very sensitive, but quick to forgive. Naiveté does not always hamper him, as his friends and family are there to help.

Kronk A big loveable guy, he always tries to do the right thing. He is kind of naive and childlike, always happy.

Morph A bloblike creature, he is very playful and happy. Sensitive though he is, he is not unhappy for very long.

Mushu He tries to act tough to make up for his size, and he does his very best at whatever he does.

Peter Pan Very childlike and playful, but not very trusting of things he does not know much about. He does not take his childhood for granted.

Stitch A fluffy little alien that does his best to fit in with an alien world, both literally and figuratively. He is often very lonely because of this.

Tigger Apparently, there is only one of him and he is it. He does his best to help others, and is very playful and happy. He is sensitive, but doesn't let it show. Sometimes his playfulness mischief can get on others nerves a little.



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