The Rabbit Hole
Rome, GA
April 17th
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The Schitz

All ages, doors open @ 7pm and cost $5.




Billy Asshole cant get enough Stool Sample.  Yes, after a year in rehab, Billy is back for his 3rd time behind the drums. 
Eric the Bolivian (Stool drummer #4) had his green card revoked, so adios amigo! 

Stool Sample is busy re-grouping after the departure of 5 year guitarist Cholo, who returned to the melon feilds of south Florida. 
We are sliding Gangbang outta the drummer position and back to guitar, our new drummer is from Bolivia! 
The band will undergo a much needed makeover with only 8 songs of a 60 plus song catalog remaining. 
The new stuff will be equally or more disturbing and fast as fuck.  WE WILL NOT DIE!
Rotger just did an interview with the awesome Crusher fanzine. The Stool interview will be in issue # 6.
These guys are the real deal and each issue kicks ass. I've lost their contact shit but if your a true scumbag, you dont need it anyways....
Thanx to the folks @, our 3rd 7" (4 Life EP), is now OUT OF PRINT, yep, all gone....
We're gonna be putting our newer releases up on Interpunk in the near future. 

STOOL SAMPLE will be on the MadSkull Records "Mayhem Without Mercy" tribute comp to VENOM,
we're gonna do either "Angel Dust" or "Skool Daze" or both.
We are working on new material, there will be a new STOOL SAMPLE CD out this year,
most likely on Defecation Nation.

Check out the new STOOL SAMPLE review of the split 7" with Canada's Loved By None, and the Split 7" with Atlanta's other bastards, The Schitz on Garbage Dump Magazine Website

Check out the interview with Rotger on Garbage Dump Magazine Website

STOOL Sample is featured on 2 compilation CD's- Boxman Records and CWKRecords

Check out the Stool Sample interview up on Agoraphobia webZine

As always, we will play anywhere, if you need us just ask!

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Mailing Address
4290 Bells Ferry Rd., #106-82
Kennesaw, GA 30144

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