Current Projects for Aug.2004:
(1) Drivers' Ed homework (Ergh...),
(2) fighting Writer's block (Just picture me banging my head in the wall, hoping a grand idea 'ill pop out)
(3) A.P. English reading list

Hello world! Welcome to the One, the Only Royal Phoenix Holiday, more affectionately called the Royale, where Reality has to wait at the welcome mat and you get to dance barefoot in my daydreamy world. :P

Call me Amanda. I'm a lot of things really; stupid, crazy, lovable, idealistic, romantic (no, not as in roses), proud, arrogant, don't forget timid, bold and childish, yet serious. Ooo! and moralistic! Hah. Yeah. But above all that, I am a writer, and a lover of mankind. I'm a lot smarter and more worth the while than my cute wanguage and all my 'Mandaisms would lead you to think, but, yes, I am dumb, a lot.

Now! As to this strange land that you have wandered into, hmm... Well the Royale is near undescriable, except as my home on the web, but be sure, there's lot of my (animated) creatures running around, my crazy stories to read, daydreams to dream and lots and lots of blabbling.

Anyways, try to sign the guestbook so I don't feel lonely. :) Oh! And hesitate not in e-mail'n me. Lots of e-mails makes for a happy 'Manda you know. :D

Aww.. Igginominous! Just call 'em Iggy for short... It's too long a name for such a short li'l guy. :)

 'Beep..ezz..Beep.. E..eE..Beep!' She says 'Don't look here often, that I'm a lazy bum.' -__-
Whaz new?
The Royale was last updated on August 2nd, 2004

Sick of bothering with layouts as I was, and so in love with the sweaty, dark lurkings, yet beauty and rhythmic wildness of the jungle as I was too, I decided to heck with trying to create some grand shiny version of the Royale, to just do what feels good. I didn't get to put a tiger in, which leaves me a little saddened (Wa-ah :O) , however it's good for now.

But enough of feeble outward appearings!! I now have a book 'n schtuffs section!! Wee!! (^.^) Hah-hah! Now I can share my faulty opinions with the world, and swoon and go and on about my favorite books and movies!! I'm highly doubtful if anyone outside my self shall EVER read as much, but you must know, folks, that the Royale's as much for me as it is you. :D

Click here to read my lousy opinions, they're probably at least worth it for a good laugh. :P

Faerie-tale ~ Not enough room here to bother, but beware; there're faeries!!

Supernaturality ~ Majickal?

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