Computer Applications
This course will build computer literacy by working on 13 projects.
Project #2 - Your Resume
Project #1 - Building Your Website!
Project #3 - A Newsletter
Project #4 - A Brochure
Project #5 - A Functional Spreadsheet
Project #8 - Picture Story
Project #6 - Nine Charts
Project #9 - Eight Graphic Illustration Maps
Project #11 - 5 Tables
Project #7 - Powerpoint Presentation
10 Ideas for:
A Theme for your Projects
You will design & create 13 assignments for the course, sending them as e-mail attachments to me for evaluation.
Project #13 - Your Choice
Project #10 - Information Report
Project #12 - Marketing Proposal
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Successful participants in the workforce of the new millennium will have strong verbal skill, superb writing craft, and a thorough command of technical systems.  The intent of this course is to promote competence in the third area, technical presentation ability. 
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Basics - Computer Skills
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BUSN 100 Thursday 7 pm Syllabus
Project X - Extra Credit!
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