One of the values that adults seek to instill in children is fairness. But if we want to do a better job of teaching children how to be fair, we must set a better example by treating children fairly.April/May 1999 CDF Report

 Emotional abuse is both the most pervasive and the least understood form of child maltreatment. Its victims are often dismissed simply because their wounds are not visible.
 In an era in which fresh disclosures of unspeakable child abuse are everyday fare, the pain and torment of those who experience "only" emotional abuse is often trivialized.
 We understand and accept that victims of physical or sexual abuse need  both and specialized treatment to heal. But when it comes to emotional abuse, we are more likely to believe the victims will just get over it" when they become adults.
That assumption is dangerously wrong. Emotional abuse scars the heart and damages the soul. Like cancer, it does its most deadly work internally. And, like cancer, it can metastasize if untreated.
Raising a child takes more then just years,
It takes understanding, laughter, and tears,

But, when you count all of the joys it can
bring, Raising a child is a wonderful thing!

The best thing you can buy your children is:

One hundred years from now...It will not matter what
your bank account was, The sort of house you lived in,
Or the kind of car you drove...

But the world may be a better place because:
You were important in the life of:

"Together We Make a Difference!" I  fully support the net community in trying to help stop child abuse. Did you know that
                          there is  more than just "physical" abuse that  is also considered child abuse? Other forms of abuse are neglect,
                                      emotional/mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abandonment and many other things that are considered "child abuse".
                                     Let's take stand, come together and  do what we can to stop innocent children from being treated badly.  They deserve better!!!

This candle will forever stay lit for all the innocent children.

INNOCENCE LOST - The Child Abuse Epidemic
Mental Injury (Emotional/Psychological Abuse) This form of child abuse and neglect includes acts of omissions
                                                    by the parents or other person responsible for the child's care that have caused, or could cause, serious behavioral,
                                                    cognitive, emotional, or mental disorders. In some cases of emotional/psychological abuse the acts of parents or
                                                    other caretakers alone, without any harm evident in the child's behavior or condition, are sufficient to warrant Child
                                                    Protective Services (CPS) intervention. For example, the parents/caretakers use extreme or bizarre forms of
                                                    punishment, such as torture or confinement of a child in a dark closet. For less severe acts, such as habitual
                                                    scapegoating, belittling, or rejecting treatment, demonstrable harm to the child is often required for CPS to
                                                    intervene. Although any of the forms of child maltreatment may be found alone, they often are found occurring in a
                                                    combination, with emotional abuse always present.

 Shirley Berens , Director of GRC

1.  I promise upon my honor to be faithful and loyal to the commitment of the Grandparents Resource Center to serve the grandparents and grandchildren of America and their families.

     2.  I promise to hold in high esteem the values of keeping families together, and to work
     hard to help make them stronger.

     3. Faced with anger, I will choose non-violence
    4.  Faced with Conflict, I will choose negotiation and mediation of Family problems.
    5.  Faced with adversity, I will persevere in helping keep children in a safe and secure
     family environment.
    6.  I pledge myself in all things to uphold and defend the rights of grandparents in keeping their
     families together. I will carry on this commitment all my life.

I am a grandparent!

So help me God!