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This documentary tells the story about a people who are struggling to be free from oppression and tyranny. More than 30 years of American foreign policy in the Middle East, including occupation has proven to be treacherous even to the non-Muslim communities. The murder, torture, imprisonment, rape, and foreign invasion has caused a people to lash out in defence of their land, religion and culture. This rebellion and so-called terrorism, much like the struggle of Black America during the J. Edgar Hoover and COINTEL PRO years, is simply a bi-product of destructive foriegn policy which suits the political and economic motivations of a wealthy minority.

Truth has no fear of falsehood, because truth by creation is victorious. If American foriegn policy makers are not hiding the truth, then why do they make so many attempts to keep hidden what "the other-side" is saying? Let us begin to question our governments and ask why are they not letting us hear from Taliban, Osama bin Ladin and Al-Qaeda?

Why do they make every attempt to block any and all communication with Taliban, when all they have been saying is "show us proof"? For this Taliban have been accused of protecting alleged terrorists and are bombed. And the media continues to show its bias coverage of world's war against the only true Islamic government on the planet.

Our Disclaimer: We have released this CD in order for truth to prevail. We are not terrorists or supporters of terrorism, although others have been given these labels while pursuing the facts. It is our firm conviction that the US government lies as a matter of policy and that the people have every right to pursue truth at all costs, even if it means imprisonment. With the US government set to spend taxpayer money on a public relations campaign, while neglecting basic American home issues, the time for questions must be now. It is our attempt to at least find out what "the other side" is saying. We are convinced that America's foreign policy is filled with hate, hypocrisy and murder. However, we are not convinced of the so-called evidence showing proof of guilt. Our position is that from an analysis based on jurisprudence, those who have been accused of terrorism, have been unlawfully tried and convicted in the media, and denied a fair and impartial hearing. America's case against the so-called Al-Qaeda Network and Osama bin Ladin is solely based on superstitions, public opinion, association and circumstantial prejudices. It is time that the truth is told and Freedom of Speech and right to protest return to America in order that no more innocent people are killed. Finally, our hearts go out to the innocent victims of the September 11 WTC tragedy.

We pause for a return to normalcy and peace in time of unlawful war. What would Prophets Jesus and Muhaamad say if they were alive today?

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NATO and UN have re-defined terrorism...

The terror which was unleashed on the 22 million innocent people of Iraq, has now targeted civilians in Afghanistan. This evil is not classified as terrorism, because the Afghani people are 'expendable' in a war to gain control over the vast oil and natural gas supplies in Khurasan valley. go here

More civilians die as mothers and fathers try to keep their children safe. This country has an abundance of natural gas and oil which George Bush wants Unocal Corporation to have. See the message delivered to Congress February 12, 1998. Read here.

Help put an end to the boogey man...which terrify the women and children all over the world. Get involved with these campaigns.

Stop America
Join a campaign to stop America's destructive foreign policy. You can get involved by participating in sharing information over a discussion board, contributing articles or photos, help with internet research, distributing information, organize letter writing campaigns, and more. Visit: www.stopamerica.org

Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq. The U.S. and Britain, along with its Saudi allies are responsible for the murder of over 500,000 Iraqi children. The experiences drawn from this Gulf War could provide a strong indication of where the New War on Terrorism is headed. America and Britain's new war has already killed many civilians, mostly Muslims. This was the case with Iraq, where more than 2 million have been killed. Visit: www.casi.co.uk

Campaign for Brighter Pakistan
Pakistan nationals and Muslims are being called to help rebuild and protect the Islamic Republic of Pakistan from America's foreign policies. Muslims of all nationalities are being invited to emigrate and participate in strengthening Pakistans economy, developing schools (madressas), building prosperous neighborhoods and housing for the poor, developing better hospitals and health care, providing food for the need, and wiping out the country's $36 billion debt so that poverty can be exterminated. Help reduce Pakistan's dependency on America's foreign policies. Visit: more information on this coming

Demand the return to truth and proper investigation. Support efforts to end America's foreign policies and meddling of other countries.

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we have compiled a list of articles found on the internet and kept them in their original format for your inspection. The truth is not far from those who are looking for it, even though there are some who wish it to be hidden.

Hear the sounds of protest through the eyes of Islam and ask how did this war get started? Remember the Civil Rights struggle, the bomb blasts, the bon-fires, the riots, the suffering. Terrorism is defined by the terrorists to cover the truth of oppression. This war is another example that the world community has increased in ignorance and decreased in civility. Listen to:
From Tears to Rage and Protest.
soon coming to video. Place your order by sending an email.

Visit our photo library showing the images of Terror on Afghanistan.


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"You ask what they (US and Britain) gain? What great powers gain in in the Middle East is a strategic hold over the world's greatest oil fields. That's it in a nutshell."


Blair and Arafat work to seal the interests of America. This boy wet his pants from fear.  He will most likely be raped in an Israeli prison. A small victim of America's terror in the Gulf. Why do they hate America? What is the definition of terrorism and fighting to end oppression. George, Jr. smiles as he anticipates more oil wealth. What has the US become? US foreign policy makers discussing more war. Worse that apartheid in South Africa, how can Israeli's hate continue with America's support. US foriegn policy that kills and keeps on killing. Muslims are protesting all over the world as America has avoided showing any solid proof or evidence on the bombing of its WTC.  1