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Introducing an electronic method for controlling incessant barking or yapping.


STOPBARK is a training device, not a quick fix. The full effect may only be achieved after 7 / 10 days.


STOPBARK is effective for training one’s own dogs, and also training an inconsiderate neighbour’s dog.


STOPBARK trains without cruelty! NO hurt, NO shocks, just an irritation in the dogs ears every time they bark.


STOPBARK is kind to owners who can hear nothing, and discover after using STOPBARK, that the dog only barks when there is a real reason for barking.


STOPBARK is an audio system and it is most effective when there is little interference between the device and the dog/s. Trees, walls, bushes etc interrupt the signal and lower the intensity. Sound is emitted from the speaker at an angle of about 60 degrees and it is advisable to direct the sound to the area of maximum barking. Similarly try and eliminate extraneous noises such as traffic, radio and television as they may activate the speaker and confuse the dogs. Rain and sprinklers can be a problem, but a plastic bag does not appear to deflect much of the signal. We have received no reports of cats being affected by STOPBARK.


A few comments by users whose original letters can seen on demand...


"I was at the end of my tether... to my surprise on the first night the dogs never barked and I slept through the whole night...  I had to check to see if I had dogs... a wonderful, humane and simple system... "

    - H.P. Johannesburg


"Their barking decreased dramatically.."

    - Dr GY Westville


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Tel: (+27) 11 803 3814 Fax: (+27) 11 803 1681 Email chatt@mweb.co.za


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