STOPExcision: The CD

New! Report from Mali

from organizer Susan McLucas, September 2001

STOP Excision is an album produced in Mali in the summer of 2000 that includes 8 songs against female genital mutilation in 5 local languages, and 4 other songs for women's rights.

The committee is currently making music videos out of 8 of the songs to be shown on TV in Mali and adjoining countries but many of the songs have already been seen on TV, sung in the studio by the artists. The translation of the lyrics is included with the CD.

All the profits from the sale of this album are put back into the fight against excision. Thanks to all the artists who participated in the project. This album is dedicated to all the victims of excision.


An American volunteer in Bamako, Susan McLucas, pulled together a committee to put out the album, working through the Sahel Initiative Third Millennium (SI3). The tape is the result of collaboration between these people and local musicians. The director of SI3, Amadou Gano; a music producer, Sanous Diakité; a musical manager, Aly Traoré; a musician, Bafing Coul; a professor of music, Barbu; and Susan McLucas, worked together to find and record musicians willing to stick their necks out and sing for freedom from FGM. The resulting album is currently being played quite a bit on radio stations all over Mali, and tapes are being sold in the market over there.