Rev. Fred Phelps has proposed monuments to be erected in multiple cities nationwide.These monuments state that Matthew Sheppard is in hell. Phelps is trying to put the Matthew Sheppard Monument up in cities nationwide. The City of Casper has denied the erection of the monument but that is not stopping Phelps. He is protesting and fighting the ruling. Please, let the city of Casper and the state of Wyoming know how you feel about this matter.
On January 5, 2004 Phelps sent a letter to the City of Topeka with a check for $250. The check was to pay for a
bench to be put up in a Topeka park stating: "Matt Shepard in Hell. He Defied God's Law."
January 20, 2004 Phelps sent a letter to the city of
Winston-Salem, NC requesting a permit to erect a monument. The same monument that he proposed to the City of Casper, WY. This is part of Phelps attempt to erect these monument nationwide. He has been denied by Wyoming and Idaho and is currently looking into pursuing legal suits against the cities. Soon he will be attempting to have a monument in your state. It is time for us to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
We are proposing a wide spread activist movement, not against the Christian Church, but against Phelps and the WBC. Phelps has had his fun making a mockery of the lives and deaths of so many men and women. The time has come for all of us to stop sitting around, complaining about bigotry and ignorance and do something.
In the following pages are letters to both the City of Casper and the City of Topeka. They not only urge the cities to deny Phelps' monuments but they are direct responses to the letters he sent to Topeka and to Casper. We are asking all of you to print out the letters, sign them and send them to the cities of
Casper and Topeka.
One might argue that these monuments are not of importance to anyone not living in that area. We disagree. Was the murder of Matthew Shepard not important because we weren't in Wyoming? No. So why should this be any different? There is no difference. Hate is Hate. No matter which way you word it or make it seem.
Maybe if we can get enough letters to them it will show how evil these monuments are. I urge you to print them out and mail them ASAP. There is no time to waste.

If you would like to write your own letter and send it here are the
addresses to the City of Topeka and Casper.
More on Phelps
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