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Feel free to design and submit your own STOP logo! Logos must be no greater than 300 * 300 pixels in size and take up less space than 60 kb. Please send in JPG and/or GIF files only! By submitting a logo to STOP, members have more choice on what logo to display. Credit to the artists will be posted directly underneath their submission(s). Please note that all logos are available for any STOP supporters to use. As credit is posted on this page, members using other's logos are not required to place credit for the logo on their websites. STOP reserves the right to resize logos and that's all the editing we'll do. Please do not send in logos that may be considered offensive; including but not limited to sexist, racist and adult material.

Red-handed Copyright means copyright Thursday's logo
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STOP Plagiarism Nuff said No Plagiarism
Logo by STOP Logo by Thursday Logo by STOP

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