S.T.O.P. Campaign


Many individuals have requested that STOP list resources to aid them in finding stuff that they can use on their websites or publicize elsewhere without running into legal trouble or accusations. This is just a short list of what's really available. For more, search for "free _____" on search engines. Although it isn't required, it is common courtesy to link back to the site where you got your stuff from (even if it does say it's "free").

On the other hand, linkware isn't the same as freeware. Linkware is where you're permitted to use stuff only if you link back to the site where you got it from. (Remember not to directly link to the files you're going to use! [see bandwidth robbery].) Feel free to submit a link to a site that you find resourceful or think should be listed.

Directory Listings of Free Items
The Freesite.com
Free Center
Direct Freebies
Custom Effects
Grab a Gif
Free Graphics.com

Graphic Design Sets [Linkware]
Moyra's Web Jewels
Kelly's Web Graphics
Come to Silver
Robin's Web Graphics
Quiet Siren

*Please report any broken links to STOP.

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