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UPDATE: It seems that I get a chance to give a small update about twice a year. It is about time again. SOMEDAY I will take time to really update with new pictures and more stuff....hopefully. But for now you will have to just live with the short update. I just finished graduate school and am now feverishly studying for the Boards. I have found a job here in Toledo so it looks like I will be sticking around for a while. Hopefully after the boards I will give more attention to the webpage. Until then go forth, grab life by the tail and give it a good shake. Later.

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Spring Break 99 ..............some additional pictures

100 facts about me

*the much waited arrival of Spring Break 00 is finally here*

Hello, my name is Joel Wilson, but my friends all call me Fella. Here are some pics of me. I am a senior at Taylor University in the happin' cornfields of Upland, Indiana, where deer are more numerous than people. I am a BIO-Allied Health major with a minor in Psychology. I want to be a Physician Assistant when I get bigger. Well enough of what I want to do with the rest of my life and on to more interesting stuff...I hope.

Yo, I've got friends! They are cool.

I have a family. They are cool. They live in a house. They like to eat ice-cream. I have pictures of my family, so click here.

Basketball rocks my world. MJ is my man. Vince Carter, you think you may have the moves, but you don't even come close to His Airness. Here are some of the sweetest pics around, can you say hang time!.

For more pics of Michael Jordan click here

Another thing I really like besides basketball is cars, exotic cars. Especially BMW's. I can see it now, cruising down the street at about 120 mph with the sunroof up and the radio thumpin'.

For more exotic cars click here

And last but most definitely not least I wanna give a shout out to my main Dawg up high, JC. That's right Jesus Christ. He's awesome and the best friend you could ever have. He paid the price that we may have eternal life with Him in heaven. Give your life to him and you will never be the same...I promise.


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