California Chemical
Spray War Zone

Chemical/biological warfare is being waged against the American people in California today.

The current statewide campaign to eradicate the so-called "apple moth" is merely a cover for the state and federal governments' REAL target in these aerial bombardments: the American people.

What is happening in our state today is an upgrade to Nazi Germany 2.0, followed now by Holocaust 2. Instead of the VX gas being pumped into the gas chambers, its now being dropped on the public from planes and helicopters from high above in the skies.

New World Order Nazi Fascists are in complete control of our state and federal governments. California's Governor, Arnold Schwartzeneggger, is from Austria for God's sake- how much more "in your face" can it be? (See: the Nazification of America at: Google "Project Paperclip" on the Internet about how the Nazis of World War 2 were assimilated into the US intelligence and defense establishments after the war and one can begin to see the big picture.

The objective of the Globalists is to drastically REDUCE the world's population by 80%- that translates into the elimination of roughly 5 billion people from off the face of this planet. (See: Endgame the Movie at:

Make absolutely no mistake about it, their mad/insane objective is to KILL YOU, plain and simple.

The current aerial spraying campaign in California, sponsored by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and ultimately, the US Department of Homeland Security (See Office of Homeland Security: America's New Nazi SS:, is only an adjunct to the chemical warfare that is ALREADY being waged against us in the food and water we currently consume -filled with cancer causing chemicals, dyes, pesticides, aspartame, fluoride as well as the "organic" GMO frankenfood they are trying to force down our throats.

Its all about death and dying, as well as literally forcing citizens to fork over bundles of cash to the hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies (which they own and control) to treat you before you ultimately croak- nice doing business with you! (See: Plans to Depopulate the Earth at:

Plans are to begin spraying again in June 2008 and to continue up to 9 times per year (2-6 nights at a stretch) for 2-10 years.

Its now up to the veterans and those who will defend the Republic (by force of arms) to put an end to this genocide.

Steve Jones
Santa Cruz, California











***ENDGAME: the Movie/Google Video Link