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Dear Teddy

Dear Teddy Poem Graphic - Teddy Bear

Teddy, I've been bad again,
My Mommy told me so;
I'm not quiet sure what I did wrong.
But I thought that you might know.

When I woke up this morning,
I knew that she was mad;
Cause she was crying awful hard,
And yelling at my dad.

I tried my best to be realgood,
And do just what she said;
I cleaned my room all by myself,
I even made my bed.

But I spilled milk on mygood shirt,
When she yelled at me to hurry;
And I guess she didn't hear me,
When I told her I was sorry.

Cause she hit me awful hard,you see,
And called me funny names;
And told me I was really bad,
And I should be ashamed!

When I said,"I loveyou, Mommy,"
I guess she didn't understand;
Cause she yelled at me to shut my mouth.
Or I'd get smacked again.

So, I came up here to talkto you,
Please tell me what to do;
Cause I really love my Mommy,
And I know she loves me, too.

And I don't think my Mommymeans,
To hit me quite so hard;
I guess sometimes, grown-ups forget.
How big they really are!

So Teddy, I wish you werereal,
And you weren't just a bear;
Then you could help me find a way.
To tell Mommies everywhere.

To please try hard to understand.
How sad it makes us feel;
Cause the outside pain soon goes away,
But the inside never heals!

And if we could make themlisten,
Maybe then they'd understand;
So other children just like me,
Wouldn't have to hurt again.
But for now, I guess I'll hold you tight,
And pretend the pain's not there;
I know you 'd never hurt me,
I love you......So Goodnight,
Teddy Bear!

Teddy Bear Graphic

Cindy Pike Dunning

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