“This trip means more to me that I can say in words. To be an instrument of peace, connecting the young minds and hearts of the world. It is not really a trip...its a mission with a high calling that I am humbled to no end to be part of the process of putting the world's children in the palm of my hand...a hand that is open with fingers pointing toward the sky showing children everywhere that there is no limitation on learning and the healing beauty and humility of saying "I'm Sorry" ....Imagine where the world would be today if all nations and people could say those two powerful words to each other....”

Please give. I know that a little will be returned in great ways to Atlanta.
a little about Diane Cameron...
For all of you who may not know of, or have never heard of Diane Cameron Elam, please let me tell you a little about this beautiful, wonderful and multi-talented  lady that I have had the pleasure of getting to know recently. I am not going to tell you of all her accomplishments, humanity and abilities here. But please take a moment to read about some of  Dianes'  gifts to her community and what she wishes to be able to accomplish for young artists.

Truth be told, I can’t remember why we started the back and forth, but here is where all is at and what Diane has shared with me and I have learned from her:

She was given the honor of "USA Artist in Residence" for the Benin Festival. And I. as you, are thinking “What Benin Festival?” Where? Here,is the story friends.

The voyage of the “Clothilde” to Mobile, Alabama was the last known slave ship to sail from the continent of Africa to America. The year was 1859. The origin point was Benin.

Benin was a center of West African civilization, wealth, and strength seven hundred years ago, though its history goes back even further. Much of its early commercial success came as a result of the slave trade, which began after Europeans arrived there in the late 15th century and continued until 1885.

The President of Benin, Matthew Kerekou, has issued an apology for the role of his ancestors in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Diane has recorded a CD called “The Reconciliation” and will travel there with a delegation of six other accomplished musicians selected to perform. The festival is a part of Benin's "Reconciliation and Development Process." Andrew Young, Atlanta's former mayor, will attend the Benin Festival, and Black Entertainment Television will broadcast it.

What I have also learned is that Diane is very short of the needed funds to make this trip possible. I am asking for donations on her behalf, and no amount is too small. Thank you for every consideration.
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