The Filmography of Turge Babonet

The issue of Mssr. Babonet's Filmography is of importance to the staff of Stop Turge Now, as it's formal lack of recognition deligitimizes the grievances of those who have worked with the scoundrel and had their careers ruined by his misdeeds. We have often heard of a budding starlet who claimed that she was humiliated on a Turge Babonet set, only to be humiliated publically when no one can recall ever filming the thing, or of a stuntman who has failed at receiving worker's compensation for a missing limb when the alleged "Turge Babonet High Action Adventure" shows no sign of having existed. This ignorance must not be allowed to go on.

Many film industry blogs have chided Mssr. Babonet over the fact that he is not listed on the "definitive" source for motion picture information, that being the Internet Movie Database. Some of these individuals state plainly that even they themselves are listed on the IMDB. This fact itself should be very telling. Those who are not familiar with the process may not be aware that, indeed, anyone can get their name on the IMDB. And anybody can be removed.

Originally, Turge Babonet thought his inclusion on the Internet Movie Database would ressurect his career and help legitimize his standing, and as this screenshot will attest, he got carried away with including himself into several projects to which he had no involvement. While he himself may claim his removal on "jealousy" from recognized industry heavyweights, it was this vain gesture that got him erased from the IMBD, and effectively, from the minds of the movie-going public.

Additionally, he has contested that many additional films should list his contributions, whether as script doctor, second assistant director, or animal handler (most notably for 1997's Insonmnia). Several other filmmakers have also claimed that due to ongoing lawsuits and litigations , films they made with Mssr. Babonet's various shell production companies can not be listed or even released.

Mssr. Babonet has been "blacklisted" as often as he has been a-listed. Accordingly, some films have been re-edited to exclude him; most notably Jeeper Creepers II lost 20 minutes due to WGA arbitration to keep him from receiving credit.

Then there are various situation where Turge Babonet has distanced himself from production. The hightly popular but X-rated "Redlight District Pantie Fantasies Vols. 2-16" serve as perfect example. Additionally, as the 1992 Encyclopedia Brittanica Yearbook of Facts states:

With the impending dismemberment of the state-supported film organizations, the film industries of the former socialist nations were in dissarray. In the Soviet Union, paradoxally, there was a massive rise of low-budget production, much of it apparently financed by "black money"-- nonnegotiable ruble fortunes earned illicitly. A lare number of films produced consisted of cheap melodramas or would be avant-garde experiments.

Many of these films, and the whereabouts of Mssr. Babonet during this period, have gone into the fog of history. As many know, it was from one of these Eastern European production that we get the famous quote "No one has ever died on a Turge Babonet set!" [Editor's Note: This time period is one in which one of the website's authors has personal experience with. Pending court cases prevent further disclosure]

Nonetheless, we at Stop Turge Now have been working dilligently to assemble at least a partial list of productions attributed to Turge Babonet. Officially, Babonet LLC lays claim to twenty-two (22) films. Our own research has uncovered closer to one hundred and two offerings (102). Currently, we are splitting the difference. As our research continues, titles may be added and removed from our list as seems reasonable.

As to be expected, there are some disputes to whether any of these films made it past more than a few festival screenings. There are also apparent contradictions regarding production dates and countries of origin, notably "Feast of All Fingers" having release dates of 1950 and 1964 (which would have made T. Babonet a budding eight-year-old wunderkund). The definative yet difficult-to-find textbook The Cinema of Turge Babonet, by S. Toubiana and M. Scheferns, lists differing dates for releases than those from other reliable sources, and indeed those dates change freely within their text itself (it is recognized this may be due to an alternative Eastern Orthodox calendaring system). Mssr. Babonet has also been known to "update" release dates in order to keep his work more current, in keeping with reports that he changed his birthdate from 1938 to 1942.

Stop Turge Now was fortunate enough to receive a communication from an undergraduate film student at Université du Québec à Montréal, who alleged to have found a boxed set of fourteen Babonet videotapes, entitled "Turge Babonet's Baker's Dozen of Horror (sic)" in his school library behind a mimeograph machine. Unfortunately, the student tried to put them into his vcr to find they were in betamax and not vhs. (At least the little idiot did not try to put them into his DVD player, eh? ) At a future date we hope to retrieve some of this footage. It is from this collection that we have based the bulk of our compilation. Others are drawn from memory and other internet sources.

In chronological order, these films include:

  1. De Fantasieen Nummer Twaalf (USA: Fantasy #12) (1961)
  2. De Blauwe Mantel (USA: The Blue Cloak) (1962)
  3. Feast of All Fingers(1964)
  4. Monkeydoodle (1966)
  5. Drawing Blood (1966)
  6. Bread for Broads (1966)
  7. The Untruth (United Kingdom: Turge Babonet's the Untruth) (1967)
  8. The Horrible Horror (1968)
  9. The Terrible Terror (1968)
  10. Faustus(1969)
  11. Hi-Jinx (1970)
  12. Sex with Seven Witches(1971)
  13. Nightmare of the Dead (1972)
  14. My Son, the Artist (1972)
  15. Turge Babonet's Frankenstien (1974)
  16. Turge Babonet's Dracula (1974)
  17. The Rorschach Monster (Canada: The Rorschach Monster of Flanders) (1975)
  18. The Taxi Man (1976)
  19. The Galactic War (1977)
  20. Annie Hall of Mirrors (1978)
  21. Raiders of the Lost Ark of the Covenant (1981)
  22. The Imaginary Church (1983)
  23. New Amsterdammit!(1984)
  24. Nightmare Nightclub (USA: Club Nightmare) (1986)
  25. Silence of the Goats (1992)
  26. Redlight District Pantie Fantasies Vols. 2-16 (series) (1993)
  27. Haarlem Nights (1993)
  28. The Glass Shatters (1993)
  29. Untrue (1993)
  30. At First You Laugh (Then You Die) (2000)
  31. Forced to Eat! (USA: Force-fed) (2003)
  32. Sorry We're Closed (2003)
  33. Woman with Pearl Necklace (2004)
  34. Girl with Pearl Earwigs(V) (2004)
  35. The Blue Cloak (II) (Netherlands: De Blauwe Mantel) (2005)
  36. Mindless Entertainment (2005)
  37. Earthware (2005)
  38. In Morrocco (2006)
  39. Ubu Neumanbot: A Dutch Farce (working title) (2006)

Further coverage will cover these films in further detail. Here are some upcoming highlights:

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