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"I'm stupid"
Introduction by Dr. Daniel R. Dennler
How do I know if I'm stupid?
How can I stop it?
Hi. I'm Dr. Daniel R. Dennler and I'm here to present to you my online database of truth. I know many of you have at some point in your life been told that you're "a fucking idiot" or maybe that something you said was "the dumbest shit I've ever fucking heard." For the younger generation, someone could have meant something similar by using the words "gay" or "fag" in reference to you. Even if this may be common use among stupid people as well, if you're one of many who end up on the reciving end too often, you've come to the right place. Not only can I show you what makes you such a huge dumbass, but I have also provided a quick and simple remedy to this worldwide problem. For those looking for a quick fix of valuable insight on life, follow the Words of Wisdom link. Thanks for giving us a shot, I hope you find the information here helpful.

                                                                                  Best Wishes,
                                                                                    Dr. Daniel R. Dennler
Words of Wisdom
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