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An Explanation!!

This page has its origins in a day, not so very long ago, when my best high school friend and I were bored.  We found an outlet for our boredom by creating a list.  Not just any list, mind you, but a list of names.  After three or so giggly hours on the phone, we had created the first draft of:


Over time our list has expanded and been altered.  There have been contraversies and name-changes, but at heart, these 50 started it all!  As I create this tribute, I will include some hotties that have not yet been cleared with Adriane.  Such hotties will be marked with an * so you'll know who the original 50 were.

So, here I am.  It's 10:00PM on a Monday night, and my classes have only just begun.  Consequently, I'm a little bored, and I thought, "It's tribute time!"
Oh, yes, a tribute to our hotties.  Below you'll find both a picture and any random commentary (i.e. an explanation of their names) for our hotties.

So, without further adieu:

Choose Your Hottie!

1 - 10:
THE Hottie and other Random Eye Candy
6 - 10:
Hotties That Represent Specific Countries
11 - 15:
The Blue-Eyed Hotties
16 - 20:
Hair Hotties
21 - 25:
Hotties Who Have Played Characters Named "Jack"
26 - 30:
"Teen" Movie Hotties
31 - 35:  Political Hotties
36 - 40:
Television Hotties
41 - 45: 
Summer Movie Hotties
46 - 50
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