Enlisted men from 1/6th Infantry and  1/13th Armor, used to get into fights at a bar called The Step In "The Stab and Jab".
The bar was placed "Off limits" to both units several times.
Regulars by God
1st Battalion / 6th Infantry (Mechanized)

As of 2002 they are assigned to
1st Armor Division
2nd Armor Brigade in
Baumholder, Germany
                           13th Horse
1st Battalion / 13th Armor
assigned to 3rd Armor Brigade at
Ft Riley, Kansas
but it is still part of 1st Armor Division in Weisbaden, Germany.

Other Units

1st Support Battalion
501 Attack Helicopter Battalion
U.S.A.F. Forward Air Control Detachment.
Various support such as Medical,
Dental and a Military Police Substation.

A map of Illesheim
Possible location of the Step In in Illeshein
Past Guests