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By Karmen Ghia

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The After the Rescue Trilogy
After The Rescue
The Talljet Quartet

Some Chekov Stories

You don't know me by Jane Skazki

You do know me (the sequel by Karmen Ghia)

I think we should start seeing other people by Karmen Ghia

The evening by Karmen Ghia

The bagpipes by Karmen Ghia

The holiday by Karmen Ghia

The vacancy by Karmen Ghia

The romp by Karmen Ghia

The diplomatic situation by Karmen Ghia

Wakefulness by Karmen Ghia

The 'droid' by P.B. Wrapper

A few more things in the Galileo by Karmen Ghia

The taming trilogy (hypertext version)

The taming (or Taming I) by Skazitelnitsky

The return (or Taming II) by Karmen Ghia

Taming 3, version A by Skazitelnitsky, P.B. Wrapper and Karmen Ghia

Taming 3, version B, ending A by Karmen Ghia and Skazitelnitsky

The outpost by Karmen Ghia

Closure by Karmen Ghia

Chekov, are you trying to seduce me? by Karmen Ghia

Congratulations by Karmen Ghia

...has better plans... by Karmen Ghia

How was your shoreleave? by Karmen Ghia

The Link to Little Russian Bedtime Stories http://www.fortunecity.com/tatooine/heinlein/80/storyind.htm
Even more sexy Chekov fiction)

A Scott/Sulu story by Karmen Ghia

Useless on Mrivin

A Spock/Khan story by Karmen Ghia

The Invitation

Some Garak/Bashir stories by Karmen Ghia

Nothing we can't cure

Rishi Baba (a tale told in hypertext)

The Last of ThiaZole
(another tale told in hypertext)

The Talljet Quartet


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