A Sailor Moon fanfiction page.

Greetings stranger, welcome to my humble home. Please, come in out of the rain that plagues this region, and warm yourself by my hearth. My name? Ah, how rude of me not to have introduced myself first. I get so few visitors out here that sometimes I forget my manners. I am called Storm Bringer, a fallen paladin who once fought under the symbol of Jupiter. Now I wile away my days as a simple writer, but I am content with my lot.

But I am keeping you away from the warmth of my fire. Come, sit and make yourself at home. Perhaps you would like something to drink. I have a fine selection of ale with which to chase away the chill of the cold rain. Yes, I agree. A frothy mug of ale is very welcome on these stormy nights.

So tell me stranger, what brings you out here to my lonely home? Perhaps you have come to hear what little news I have collected within the pages of my journal. Or maybe you wish for me to tell you a story. Ah, I thought so. I marked you as one who enjoys a good tale.

I have many tales to tell. I have stories of times long past and times yet to come, of brave warriors and cruel villians. Far too many tales for me to speak of in one sitting, but the night is young, the fire is warm, the ale is cold, and the company is pleasant. So sit and listen, and I shall talk until your ears grow numb and your eyes grow heavy.

As you leave my home I would ask that you please take a moment to sign my guestbook. I do not have many travelers through here, but I enjoy having something to remember them by. Feel free to take a look at those who have come before you as well. Also, if you are far from here but wish to contact me, you can reach me here. 1